Hana to Akuma

Hana to Akuma

Cover of the last Chapter of Hana to Akuma

So here I have a recommendation for a manga , so if your bored check it out! Unfortunately you can’t purchase it anywhere  but English scanalations are available online.

The title translates to “Flower to Demon” (Hana = Flower , Akuma = Demon)

Its about a Demon named Vivi who has come to live on Earth and one day finds an abandoned child on his doorstep. The story follows Vivi and the child he names Hana. Its a really short and sweet fantasy shoujo manga.

Its 58 chapters long and well paced. The story is balanced between comedy and drama and the cast of characters are not cliché archetypes. They surely start out that way but they go gain character development. The simplicity of the story and the straight forwardness of the romance is a nice change from the standard shoujo manga formula. I hate it when protagonists run around in circles thus never helping the plot advance forward. Plus the ending it was quite realistic and bittersweet.

In terms of artwork , its quite unique , Oto Hisamu the mangaka has a wonderful style. Its quite pretty and it wasn’t overly detailed. Just enough to satisfy.

So for you shoujo lovers that like a little twist in your romance mangas , I recommend Hana to Akuma , it won’t disappoint and there is a drama cd , someone uploaded to youtube with English subs so give it a listen if you like. But it only covers a few events in some early chapters.

Happy reading 😉


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