Moon and Balloons

My first cover of a Gumi song. Its my favourite Gumi song, made by the talented Acane Madder!

I first found this song through a youtaite and her cover is absolutely beautiful miles better than mine. She is a better mixer and has such a pretty voice. I stole her harmonies aswell. Link to her cover

But anyways this song gave me hardest time trying to find the instrumentals and lyrics.
I had to use a romaji converter to translate the kanji lyrics I found. I spent a good 3 hours scouring the web before using the converter.

This song was fairly easy to learn , no crazy high notes or low ones and the lyrics were minimal and easy to pronounce so it was a win win situation. Plus the pv is beautiful!

The mix itself I tried improving. The cover went from being too loud to a now more mangeable volume but I think it have been a tad too quiet still. But hey each cover is a new learning experience.

Well as always enjoy!



Cut off Line English Cover

My newest cover for kiritorisen aka Cut off Line . Its my first 40mP cover but it definitely won’t be the last! My all time favourite vocaloid composer I think.

Anyways I’m not satisfied with cover its really rough on some parts but hey whatever! I had more takes but none of them were as good as this one.

I really enjoyed singing Ashe’s great lyrics , they are so beautiful and poetic.

I liked singing this song cause it utilized a sort of lower range for my voice and I loved the belting I was doing. One day I plan on redoing this with many covers I’ve done as well.

Anyways enjoy


Personal Covers List


Pretty picture of Miku ne?

Anyways I have a huge list of songs I’d link to sing , all of them vocaloid 😉 This order does not reflect the order of completion either!

  • Sarishinohara ( Distant Fields) – MikitoP (English or Japanese Can’t decide)
  • Our Let It Be – Harry (Japanese Cover)
  • Rockbell – Honeyworks (English Cover)
  • Confession Rehearsal / Another Story – Honeyworks (Japanese Cover)
  • Lost Time Memory – Jin (English Cover)
  • Toumei Answer – Jin (English Cover)
  • Ayano’s Theory of Happiness – Jin (English Cover)
  • Senbonzakura – KuroUsa-P (English Cover)
  • Torinoko City – 40mP (English Cover)
  • From Y to Y – JimmyThumbP (Japanese Cover)
  • Time Machine – JimmyThumbP (English/Japanese Cover)
  • Imagination Forest – Jin (Japanese Cover)
  • Rolling Girl – Wowaka (Japanese Cover)
  • Irony – Scop (English Cover)
  • Calc – JimmyThumbP (English Cover)
  • Afterglow – Kei (English Cover)
  • Karakuri Pierrot – 40mP (Japanese/English Cover Can’t decide)
  • Muddy Cloud – nioP (English Cover)
  • Shiwa – buzzG (Japanese Cover)
  • Moon and Ballons – acane madder (Japanese Cover)
  • Till the Day I See You Again – koaling (Japanese Cover)
  • Glow – Keeno (English/Japanese Cover Can’t Decide)
  • Perfectionist Complex (English Cover)
  • Alice – Furukawa Honpo (Japanese Cover)
  • Just Be Friends – Dixie Flatline (English Piano Cover)
  • Answer – Dixie Flatline (English/Japanese Cover Can’t Decide)
  • Error – niki (Japanese Cover)
  • Donor Song (English)
  • Dreams and Sakura Leaves (English)
  • Kimi ga sora koso kanashikere – Honeyworks (Japanese Cover)
  • Sayoko – MikitoP (English Cover)
  • Heaven – HarryP (English Cover)
  • I Shared a Kiss With Hatsune Miku – MikitoP (Japanese Cover)
  • As Long As It Is Your Happiness – Heavenz (Japanese Cover)
  • Tomur – (Japanese Cover)
  • Outwards and Inwards – Scop (Japanese Cover)
  • Raspberry Monster – Honeyworks (English Cover)
  • Mozaik Role – Deco*27 (Japanese Cover)
  • Pedal Heart – Deco*27 (Japanese Cover)

I’m sure theres more but that’s the list off the top of my head

Anime/Manga Love


I often ask myself why do I love anime and manga. I mean by all outward appearances it seems a very childish and juvenile hobby but that’s merely a misconception. Its a flaw I guess of living in the Western world where things labelled as “childish”  are coupled with animation and cartoons.

Well to any fan of the anime/manga fandom we know this not the case. Often I find anime/manga to have more complicated characters and stories than other mediums. The artform has no problems delving into serious or controversial themes. Its this brand of more interesting plot that keeps me coming back for more.

I have to say that artwork/style is also why I enjoy it a lot. That fact that each mangaka or animators style can be seen , is evidence of diversity to appeal to all art tastes. Its nice to see effort in watch your watching aswell , especially when artistic license is given. Scenes are enchanced with clever visual imagery or angles etc. I find in that an animated medium has the ability to describe feelings in a many number of unconvential ways because reality is absent and therefore unable to restrict. Its like the anything goes kind of thought process.

More so in anime rather than manga is the aspect of music. Soundtracks for animes are some of the most beautiful and original I have ever heard. With so many different shows/situations composers constantly are creating interesting music to fit these places , moods etc. Plus the fact that many styles are incorporated it makes the show more atmospheric.

Anime and manga have a staggering amount of genres which is very appealing aswell. You can be fan of almost anything and find a show/book with what your looking for , it makes reading/watching an enjoyable experience because its something you know you will like.

That was a long rant but I kind of just felt like writing about the reasons why I love this medium , I hope it was somewhat elegant. 😉

Secret Garden Song

So I covered my first Korean song , it was really hard to do that pronunciation, but I asked my Korean friends if I did it right and they said I did so phew!
Anyways this song is from the Korean drama called secret garden which was awesome! Seriously go watch it people.
I actually wanted to do a different song from secret garden but I couldn’t learn the words so I opted for this one cause its a repeat of the same words so it was easier to learn… I was proud of this one actually cause I had some nice belting going on but man those harmonies were okay…

Enjoy the video