Moon and Balloons

My first cover of a Gumi song. Its my favourite Gumi song, made by the talented Acane Madder!

I first found this song through a youtaite and her cover is absolutely beautiful miles better than mine. She is a better mixer and has such a pretty voice. I stole her harmonies aswell. Link to her cover

But anyways this song gave me hardest time trying to find the instrumentals and lyrics.
I had to use a romaji converter to translate the kanji lyrics I found. I spent a good 3 hours scouring the web before using the converter.

This song was fairly easy to learn , no crazy high notes or low ones and the lyrics were minimal and easy to pronounce so it was a win win situation. Plus the pv is beautiful!

The mix itself I tried improving. The cover went from being too loud to a now more mangeable volume but I think it have been a tad too quiet still. But hey each cover is a new learning experience.

Well as always enjoy!



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