Pianissmo English Cover

Yet another week I have another cover , I try to do one a week. Is that a good thing?

Anyways this song was written Clear and Marasay some of favourite nico nico musicians. This song is so sad but beautiful and I love the jazzy piano feel which is a trademark of Marasay.

I found these awesome English translyrics from a youtuber and I knew they were perfect as soon as I saw them. I had originally planned to do this song in Japanese but when these lyrics appeared I knew I had to do it in English.

My harmonies are still not quite as good as I wanted! I tried to keep everything quiet except where everything builds into the climax. The three part harmony on the climax is my favourite part.

One day soon I will have perfect harmonies……

The mix in this is one of the best I’ve done. Still learning hopefully I’ll be even better next cover.

Anyways as always enjoy!



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