+Reverse Cover

Hello again , its time for another cover. So this time its +Reverse by niki. The unpopular vocaloid Lily was paired with the ever popular utauloid Ritsu Namine to make an amazing duet.

I don’t think my voice is particularly suited to rockerish songs but hey whatever I wanted to sing a song I love. Literally the first time I heard it I was addicted.

So this song took two days to record and mix. I did so many takes to just get the main vocals down and a million other ones for the backing vocals/harmonies. A lot of belting to annoy everyone in my house.

This is the best mix I’ve ever done! My other covers don’t even compare. the only one which had as much editing as this was my cover of Tell Your World but that had more harmonies than mixing anyways.

I used a whole bunch of effects I never used before so that’s why it probably took longer because I had to tinker a lot with them to get them to my liking.

Vocally this song is challenging. Its wordy , fast and high. Your constantly belting high and speeding through the lyrics and all the while your trying to make an emotional impact , tough to say the least.

But I’m proud of this and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labour!



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