Starlight Keeper Cover

For today’s cover I decided to do a vocaloid original song. Created by the talented youtuber momocashew (link to their channel in the video description) this is the first Oliver song I heard and I love it. I can’t believe this is her first original song its sounds amazing.

Oliver is probably the most popular English vocaloid and I like his voice its cute.

I literally did this song all last night. Since +reverse the mix in this is so good , I’m totally gonna rerecord/fix all my old covers eventually.

I used another effect I didn’t know to use before and it gave me nice results.
Harmony wise definite improvement not the best but its serviceable. I’m slowly getting there.

I also added mp3 links for this and my last cover , I will be putting download links from now on and I will upload my other songs as well. Anyways as always enjoy



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