Aru Ga Mama

New Cover WOO! I absolutely love this song . Its English title is As It Is and its the second ending credit song for the anime Nabari no Ou which I watched two months ago. Its now of my favourite shows.
I literally fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. This song rings so well with the two main characters I got a little teary eyed while listening to it.

I messed up some of the words and it kinda threw the harmonies off a bit but whatever I’m still proud of this.

Lately I’ve been singing songs which require the use of my lower register which is fun to use since I usually sing in a slightly higher voice. Its a nice change.

The mix I kept simple but I kinda messed it up a little in the end. I pushed the harmonies to far into the right channel but on the bright side if you listen with headphones you can hear both me’s in each ear . It kinda creates the effect of me sitting beside you and singing next to you.

For once I actually have decent harmonies but mostly in part due to the original having these harmonies so I could essentially just learn them instead of coming up with them.

Also I used the ending credit sequence to make the video interesting and subtitled for the first time except when added the subs on youtube they lost the colour I chose but next time I’ll figure out how to do it.

Anyways have a good day and enjoy.

P.S on this cover and the last two I started adding mp3 links in the video description , I will upload more Mp3 of old covers once I remaster the audio on most of them.



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