Yume no Tsuzuki

Finally covered another anime song! This time I did “Yume no Tsuzuki”(continuation of a dream) from the anime Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The pet Girl of Sakurasou).

This show is about a group of weirdos in an arts high school. This show has everything I like in it . Drama , romance , comedy , a plot line , character development , a variety of characters and pretty animation and music. Its a 24 episode J.C Staff anime , they always choose good things to animate.

I really love this show , I watched the 1st couple of episodes not really interested but by the end of episode 3 I loved it .

This song gave me hard trying to learn the words for some reason. Specific lyrics kept messing me up. But I managed to say them properly I think?

Harmonies are improving steadily , this time around I managed to get them down pretty quickly but I didn’t exactly follow what the original singer did so that makes my cover different in a good way.

I kept everything pretty simple this time around mix wise and didn’t do very much. The beautiful song speaks for itself so I didn’t need to anything extra.

I think this song may be lacking a little energy and that’s probably why I’m not completely satisfied with it.

Lots of covers planned so stay tuned for them .

Annami over and out! 😉



The Girl in 14 G Cover

I’ve mentioned this before but before I became obsessed with Japanese/vocaloid music I really loved musical theatre music , I still do. Anyways this is a song I really love to sing and its fun to act too.

Its a song sung by Kristin Chenoweth about a girl who lives in an apartment building with crazy musical neighbours.

So basically I did a self trio. I’ve done self dueting , now a trio , a quartet is next I guess LOL.

I sung all the parts and I am not an opera/jazz singer. But since I listen/learned how to sing Broadway style music I have a strong vibrato to imitate an opera singer.
My microphone isn’t meant for belting so the song kinda sounds less powerful than when I actually sang it. Plus I am not a trained singer so I don’t know to belt fully so that’s part of it too.

The mix is so bad in this , I kinda rushed it and I was to lazy to make it sound good. I kinda just up and did this randomly.

By the way I accidently deleted the project so if I want to redo this cover , I gotta start from scratch…

Anyways enjoy and no mp3 this time , if you want it , leave me a comment below.


Calc. English Cover

Hello my blog readers , its about time I updated this week with a new cover!

Its my first JimmyThumbP song and its the very first song of his I ever heard. I really like the beat of this song even though its a sad song I still like it.

I first a youtaite cover if this song when Lizz sang a piano version and I fell in love with it.

I was actually going to do the piano version but when I found these awesome English lyrics I found they fit better with the original instrumental. Anyways its been awhile since I sang an upbeat song.

I finally got good harmonies , I was about to just use pitch correction to get them right but I managed somehow so I didn’t have too.
I had so many takes on the main vocal line. I tried doing in a lower tone , in a high but soft tone etc. But I liked this bright energetic sounding one the best , it goes with the instrumental.

In the beginning part I made up lyrics for the first time in my life and I guess they were pretty good. I was inspired by Mes who made a great English cover of this song for that part.
That beginning I tried to make computer sounding cause like a robot cause its about calculating.

The lyrics written by shihoreloaded are amazing , she did a really great job. The lyrics are kinda poetic but understandable and that is appealing to me.

Anyways as always enjoy the cover see with a new one soon.


Alice Cover

Steadily but slowly singing every song I want to sing. Anyways this weeks song is called Alice. Composed by the amazing producer/singer Furukawa Honpo. I really love the softness of all his music.

When I first heard this song when I just warming up into vocaloid music I didn’t like this song at all. I thought it sounded weird but I couldn’t get that beat out of my head. The repetition on lyrics the simpleness of the song’s instrumental , its quirks grew on me and I soon found myself loving this song.

Listening to this song I can hear how much better I am at mixing and harmonizing from I started a few months ago. Its due to me being more comfortable singing in front of a microphone , understanding the programs and growing as a singer.

Anyways I’m currently working on my thanks for 80+ subscribers video! So look out for that and I have some more cool things planned so be prepared.

And its been tricky trying to sing at home lately my aunts are staying over so I’m trying not to disturb them. But I managed to find time when no one was home . I literally came home from work and recorded/subtitled for hours todays. So enjoy!


Dreams and leaved Cherry Trees

Cover time!

This song is one of my most favourite vocaloid songs ever.
When I first discovered vocaloid a year ago this is one of the first songs I fell in love with. Something about the classic Japanese feel , the rhythm , the pv everything about it was beautiful.

So when I found Joydreamerjourneys beautiful English lyrics I had to sing it. Her cover is so pretty and her harmonies are way better than mine. I borrowed her subtitled video and her ahh’s at the end cause they are awesome.

This cover took so long to make. I recored so many times trying to get the harmonies right. I tried out different ooh and ahhs etc to find what sounded good. I had a cool ending in mind but it sounded out of place so I cut it. I’ll use it on the next cover hopefully.

The mix in this pretty good especially the beginning part , I’m okay at mixing enough now that the audio sounds pretty clean and balanced but as always it could be better but that’s why I’m learning..slowly.

Anyways enjoy the video and the cover , mp3 in the description and thanks for reading/listening and watching.


Utsukushiki Znakoku na Sekai Cover

So I finally got around to covering the ending song for Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan.

Its an awesome song that I love a lot but its really difficult to sing. I think I managed to sing it pretty well.

The hardest part was definitely getting the lyrics down , they were tricky and I couldn’t harmonize that well so its at a minimum.

Anywyas short post today hopefully I’ll be posting again really soon.