Dreams and leaved Cherry Trees

Cover time!

This song is one of my most favourite vocaloid songs ever.
When I first discovered vocaloid a year ago this is one of the first songs I fell in love with. Something about the classic Japanese feel , the rhythm , the pv everything about it was beautiful.

So when I found Joydreamerjourneys beautiful English lyrics I had to sing it. Her cover is so pretty and her harmonies are way better than mine. I borrowed her subtitled video and her ahh’s at the end cause they are awesome.

This cover took so long to make. I recored so many times trying to get the harmonies right. I tried out different ooh and ahhs etc to find what sounded good. I had a cool ending in mind but it sounded out of place so I cut it. I’ll use it on the next cover hopefully.

The mix in this pretty good especially the beginning part , I’m okay at mixing enough now that the audio sounds pretty clean and balanced but as always it could be better but that’s why I’m learning..slowly.

Anyways enjoy the video and the cover , mp3 in the description and thanks for reading/listening and watching.



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