Alice Cover

Steadily but slowly singing every song I want to sing. Anyways this weeks song is called Alice. Composed by the amazing producer/singer Furukawa Honpo. I really love the softness of all his music.

When I first heard this song when I just warming up into vocaloid music I didn’t like this song at all. I thought it sounded weird but I couldn’t get that beat out of my head. The repetition on lyrics the simpleness of the song’s instrumental , its quirks grew on me and I soon found myself loving this song.

Listening to this song I can hear how much better I am at mixing and harmonizing from I started a few months ago. Its due to me being more comfortable singing in front of a microphone , understanding the programs and growing as a singer.

Anyways I’m currently working on my thanks for 80+ subscribers video! So look out for that and I have some more cool things planned so be prepared.

And its been tricky trying to sing at home lately my aunts are staying over so I’m trying not to disturb them. But I managed to find time when no one was home . I literally came home from work and recorded/subtitled for hours todays. So enjoy!



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