Calc. English Cover

Hello my blog readers , its about time I updated this week with a new cover!

Its my first JimmyThumbP song and its the very first song of his I ever heard. I really like the beat of this song even though its a sad song I still like it.

I first a youtaite cover if this song when Lizz sang a piano version and I fell in love with it.

I was actually going to do the piano version but when I found these awesome English lyrics I found they fit better with the original instrumental. Anyways its been awhile since I sang an upbeat song.

I finally got good harmonies , I was about to just use pitch correction to get them right but I managed somehow so I didn’t have too.
I had so many takes on the main vocal line. I tried doing in a lower tone , in a high but soft tone etc. But I liked this bright energetic sounding one the best , it goes with the instrumental.

In the beginning part I made up lyrics for the first time in my life and I guess they were pretty good. I was inspired by Mes who made a great English cover of this song for that part.
That beginning I tried to make computer sounding cause like a robot cause its about calculating.

The lyrics written by shihoreloaded are amazing , she did a really great job. The lyrics are kinda poetic but understandable and that is appealing to me.

Anyways as always enjoy the cover see with a new one soon.



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