The Girl in 14 G Cover

I’ve mentioned this before but before I became obsessed with Japanese/vocaloid music I really loved musical theatre music , I still do. Anyways this is a song I really love to sing and its fun to act too.

Its a song sung by Kristin Chenoweth about a girl who lives in an apartment building with crazy musical neighbours.

So basically I did a self trio. I’ve done self dueting , now a trio , a quartet is next I guess LOL.

I sung all the parts and I am not an opera/jazz singer. But since I listen/learned how to sing Broadway style music I have a strong vibrato to imitate an opera singer.
My microphone isn’t meant for belting so the song kinda sounds less powerful than when I actually sang it. Plus I am not a trained singer so I don’t know to belt fully so that’s part of it too.

The mix is so bad in this , I kinda rushed it and I was to lazy to make it sound good. I kinda just up and did this randomly.

By the way I accidently deleted the project so if I want to redo this cover , I gotta start from scratch…

Anyways enjoy and no mp3 this time , if you want it , leave me a comment below.



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