Yume no Tsuzuki

Finally covered another anime song! This time I did “Yume no Tsuzuki”(continuation of a dream) from the anime Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The pet Girl of Sakurasou).

This show is about a group of weirdos in an arts high school. This show has everything I like in it . Drama , romance , comedy , a plot line , character development , a variety of characters and pretty animation and music. Its a 24 episode J.C Staff anime , they always choose good things to animate.

I really love this show , I watched the 1st couple of episodes not really interested but by the end of episode 3 I loved it .

This song gave me hard trying to learn the words for some reason. Specific lyrics kept messing me up. But I managed to say them properly I think?

Harmonies are improving steadily , this time around I managed to get them down pretty quickly but I didn’t exactly follow what the original singer did so that makes my cover different in a good way.

I kept everything pretty simple this time around mix wise and didn’t do very much. The beautiful song speaks for itself so I didn’t need to anything extra.

I think this song may be lacking a little energy and that’s probably why I’m not completely satisfied with it.

Lots of covers planned so stay tuned for them .

Annami over and out! 😉



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