Kimi no Taion

It was my birthday yesterday! This my upload to all you lovely fans and its also a present to myself.

Still recovering from flu and still pretty much voiceless. But at least the fever’s gone.

The song Kimi no Taion (Your Heat in English) was one of the first vocaloid songs I heard when I began to really look into the genre. I found it by accident through youtube video recommendations and I was immediately addicted to it.
I just gotta love the jazzy rock feel going on. Its so upbeat feeling even though the lyrics are a bit sad
, still a fun song to sing.

This song was really challenging to learn mainly due to the fast paced lyrics. I was having timing issues with some of the syllables and I’m sure I pronounced some of the words wrong.

The song was super fun to belt and it nice using a different part of my voice for this cover. A slightly lower more chesty voice which had more power and strength to it.

A fellow youtaite , mixed this cover for me. She is amazing singer as well , link to her channel in the video description on youtube. Her knowledge of mixing is greater than mine and her programs are better aswell. Though now that I have adobe audition were kinda on the same playing field.

I hope you enjoy this cover and hopefully see you soon with a new cover and by then I should have a voice again.



Hirari Hirari English Cover

Back yet again with another cover. I am currently sick with a cold so this a cover that was recorded and mixed a while ago.
The English title of this song is called “Flutter , Flutter”. Just by the title alone you know its going to be a sad song.
Its been a long time since I sang a piano song so I thought why not. I used Jubyphonics awesome translyrics , which were so simple but captured the song so well.

This song is so high m, I literally did like 6 takes to get it right but I practiced it for about a week and I can only imagine people cringing hearing all the bad notes I hit.

I downloaded Adobe Audition for my mixing that’s why it sounds improved , its a much more intense program than audacity and gives better results.

Not much to say about this but as always enjoy it! Hopefully I’ll post again soon


Shiwa Duet Cover

So as the title says , this cover is a duet. Its my first one! I got approached through youtube y 4@4 (the other singer in the video) to participate in [KCEDB2 R1] which is a youtaite duet contest. Its hosted/created by some awesome youtaites and there are prizes. Cool right?

Anyways I literally just found out about the contest so me and 4@4 had less than 2 days to get it together. LOL were crazy.

The requirement for song choices was any Japanese song sung in the native language. No translyrics allowed. So basically singing in English was out of the question. The song had to follow the round’s theme , which was “what is the meaning of life?”

So I chose Wrinkle (Shiwa) because I thought it fit the theme well. I mean life is about finding those people who you want to create wrinkles (which are like physical proof of making memories) with.

As you can tell the sound quality/mixing is amazing. That’s cause my partner did it. He is skilled and has better programs than me.

By the way I do not know my partner in real life , so this duet was made not being near each other. The magic of editing!

I was quite surprised how well our voices fit together. Needless to say I hope we make it to the next round of the contest. UPDATE – I JUST FOUND OUT WE DIDN’T MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND 😦

Enjoy the cover and by the way this PV makes me cry.


Guren no Yumiya

Since this always happens , I am late for the bandwagon. Everyone’s already covered this and I just to add yet another Guren no Yumiya cover to the internet.

This is the first opeing theme to the anime Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan. When I first this song I was addicted. Its such a fun and energetic song to do. It was a little tricky learning the lyrics since its pretty fast and I could barely say the the beginning german line so I only said the end part which I can pronounce.

I made my own little Annami choir. I sang a four part harmony for the beginning and end. I honestly am not sure whether I liked how it turned out but it was a fun experiment trying to create it. But I have to say singing the extremely high operatic style part was very fun and I’m sure my neighbours loved hearing it too 😉

I used the cool sounding boy voice I have. I honestly am shocked I managed to sound like that and I can automatically snap into it. I really am getting to good at doing that voice. I mean I used variations of that voice on a couple of covers before and its crazy how easy it is to do it.

The mix I went all out with and used the Delay effect which I’ve only used once before and managed to use it twice in this cover and make it sound super cool. I think I spent a good two hours doing it.

I am so happy I’ve improved with doing harmonies cause this one actually sounded good.

Well anyways enjoy the video , mp3 in the description and join me again with another cover.


Confession Rehearsal/Another Story , Thanks for 90 subs!

So I am celebrating! As of today I have 90 youtube subscribers! I honestly thought I would never get here. I didn’t think people would want to hear another youtaite just casually floating around interwebs.

Also thanks to you guys reading this blog as well. I love writing knowing someone out there will read it.

For this celebratory cover I did Honeyworks’s “Confession Rehearsal and Confession Rehearsal Another Story” . I think this was the first one of his compositions I ever heard. Of all the amazing vocaloid producers , he’s one of my favourites.

I absolutely adore both of these PV’s. Its like a moving shojo manga. The story is genric but its still cute and the song is gold.

Another story is the same scenario but told from the guy’s point of view. I can’t really do a highschool boy’s voice cause I’m a girl but I tried my best . It was quite difficult to reach those high notes while maintaing that voice.

The first confession rehearsal is from the girls perpesctive and it was so much to do. I liked doing the cuter voice and being energetic. It was a different experince from singing other songs cause I was able to add more emotions/feelings to it cause I had a character and story to build up from. It was like I was voicing a character through song.

Please enoy the video and music. Mp3 links in the youtube description as well and I’ll write to you soon 😉