Confession Rehearsal/Another Story , Thanks for 90 subs!

So I am celebrating! As of today I have 90 youtube subscribers! I honestly thought I would never get here. I didn’t think people would want to hear another youtaite just casually floating around interwebs.

Also thanks to you guys reading this blog as well. I love writing knowing someone out there will read it.

For this celebratory cover I did Honeyworks’s “Confession Rehearsal and Confession Rehearsal Another Story” . I think this was the first one of his compositions I ever heard. Of all the amazing vocaloid producers , he’s one of my favourites.

I absolutely adore both of these PV’s. Its like a moving shojo manga. The story is genric but its still cute and the song is gold.

Another story is the same scenario but told from the guy’s point of view. I can’t really do a highschool boy’s voice cause I’m a girl but I tried my best . It was quite difficult to reach those high notes while maintaing that voice.

The first confession rehearsal is from the girls perpesctive and it was so much to do. I liked doing the cuter voice and being energetic. It was a different experince from singing other songs cause I was able to add more emotions/feelings to it cause I had a character and story to build up from. It was like I was voicing a character through song.

Please enoy the video and music. Mp3 links in the youtube description as well and I’ll write to you soon 😉



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