Guren no Yumiya

Since this always happens , I am late for the bandwagon. Everyone’s already covered this and I just to add yet another Guren no Yumiya cover to the internet.

This is the first opeing theme to the anime Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan. When I first this song I was addicted. Its such a fun and energetic song to do. It was a little tricky learning the lyrics since its pretty fast and I could barely say the the beginning german line so I only said the end part which I can pronounce.

I made my own little Annami choir. I sang a four part harmony for the beginning and end. I honestly am not sure whether I liked how it turned out but it was a fun experiment trying to create it. But I have to say singing the extremely high operatic style part was very fun and I’m sure my neighbours loved hearing it too 😉

I used the cool sounding boy voice I have. I honestly am shocked I managed to sound like that and I can automatically snap into it. I really am getting to good at doing that voice. I mean I used variations of that voice on a couple of covers before and its crazy how easy it is to do it.

The mix I went all out with and used the Delay effect which I’ve only used once before and managed to use it twice in this cover and make it sound super cool. I think I spent a good two hours doing it.

I am so happy I’ve improved with doing harmonies cause this one actually sounded good.

Well anyways enjoy the video , mp3 in the description and join me again with another cover.



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