Shiwa Duet Cover

So as the title says , this cover is a duet. Its my first one! I got approached through youtube y 4@4 (the other singer in the video) to participate in [KCEDB2 R1] which is a youtaite duet contest. Its hosted/created by some awesome youtaites and there are prizes. Cool right?

Anyways I literally just found out about the contest so me and 4@4 had less than 2 days to get it together. LOL were crazy.

The requirement for song choices was any Japanese song sung in the native language. No translyrics allowed. So basically singing in English was out of the question. The song had to follow the round’s theme , which was “what is the meaning of life?”

So I chose Wrinkle (Shiwa) because I thought it fit the theme well. I mean life is about finding those people who you want to create wrinkles (which are like physical proof of making memories) with.

As you can tell the sound quality/mixing is amazing. That’s cause my partner did it. He is skilled and has better programs than me.

By the way I do not know my partner in real life , so this duet was made not being near each other. The magic of editing!

I was quite surprised how well our voices fit together. Needless to say I hope we make it to the next round of the contest. UPDATE – I JUST FOUND OUT WE DIDN’T MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND 😦

Enjoy the cover and by the way this PV makes me cry.



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