Kimi no Taion

It was my birthday yesterday! This my upload to all you lovely fans and its also a present to myself.

Still recovering from flu and still pretty much voiceless. But at least the fever’s gone.

The song Kimi no Taion (Your Heat in English) was one of the first vocaloid songs I heard when I began to really look into the genre. I found it by accident through youtube video recommendations and I was immediately addicted to it.
I just gotta love the jazzy rock feel going on. Its so upbeat feeling even though the lyrics are a bit sad
, still a fun song to sing.

This song was really challenging to learn mainly due to the fast paced lyrics. I was having timing issues with some of the syllables and I’m sure I pronounced some of the words wrong.

The song was super fun to belt and it nice using a different part of my voice for this cover. A slightly lower more chesty voice which had more power and strength to it.

A fellow youtaite , mixed this cover for me. She is amazing singer as well , link to her channel in the video description on youtube. Her knowledge of mixing is greater than mine and her programs are better aswell. Though now that I have adobe audition were kinda on the same playing field.

I hope you enjoy this cover and hopefully see you soon with a new cover and by then I should have a voice again.



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