Ton Ton Mae

So I made a self duet. XD This is the first one I’ve done in Japanese though. Every song I cover is sort of like self duet , when you sing harmony yourself its like dueting LOL.

This was such a blast to record , mix and learn. I hope I have improved my Len Kagamine voice. its definitely getting easier to sing in this voice and I’m not sure that is something I should be proud of.

This song is so cute and happy and I love it . Though i’m not too sure what its actually about. But its awesome so it doesn’t matter.

That pv is so amazing , I just want to live in that world , seems like a stress free place . 🙂

As for the mix this time around I kept it really simple. I just focused on getting on the balance and it feels really nice to know what your doing when your mixing. I remember trying to mix for the first time and being so lost.

Anyways enjoy the cover , I’ll be back very soon with more songs.



Our Let It Be

So last post I mentioned I had a bunch of duets in the works , so here’s one of them!

I covered this song with a fairly new youtaite named Evan. (A link to his channel in the description) I asked him at random and he agreed , I didn’t think he would actually say yes. His voice is fabulous though his microphone and recording area aren’t the greatest we managed to make it sound okay.

Our let it be is one of those vocaloid songs I’ve always wanted to cover. I am so happy I’ve done it and I always thought it’d be a nice duet. Something accomplished right there!

HarryP writes some of the best vocaloid songs. They are always stories that are beautiful yet sad. Why do I love sad songs?

So this my first time mixing a duet and it pretty smooth sailing until timing became an issue. In audacity my vocals were perfectly synched but when I imported the tracks into adobe audition the timing got all whack and I tried moving it as much as possible so they would synch up! I have lot to learn when using adobe it seems. ***Note I just switched the video , cause I managed to fix the sync now its perfect***

Well enjoy the pretty and sad video , see you all very soon!


Hoshi no Uta English Acoustic Arrangement

I told you I’d be back with another cover and here it is!

I covered the lovely BuzzG song Hoshi no Uta (Song of Stars). I really love his works and he’s a talented vocaloid producer. This is my second cover of his. My first being my Shiwa duet. This song is so pretty and poetic.

I used a fellow youtaite Jefferz’s translyrics. He has a lovely voice and he always writes fantastic lyrics but for some reason these particular ones really spoke to me. A link to his channel are in the description in the youtube video.

This was such an easy song for me to sing. I don’t often use my soft , light , airy voice in covers so using it this time around was a refreshing change. As for harmonies they still weren’t perfect but I’m ever slowly getting better. I put quite a few of them in this song and it was fun trying out a million things to get it sounding this way. Also a departure from usual is I don’t have my usual high harmonies just a bunch of low ones. It was would have been crazy to add high harmonies since the main vocal line was pretty high already.

I remember I first heard this song through a ShounenT cover and as some of you may know , ShounenT is all about acoustic so I’ve only ever known this song as being acoustic. Though I’ve heard the original and I like it too! Jefferzkm acoustic track he used was so pretty that I managed to find it and use it. This is now my second cover that is acoustic , the first being Beautiful World.

As for mixing I have improved so much since my first cover. I really understand a lot of the effects now and though I’m nowhere near the level of being professional its nice listening to my covers and hearing how professional they sound. I do have to give props to adobe audition for being such a good program and audacity in helping me understand mixing.

Well that’s all for now , I hope you enjoy this and feel relaxed and as stated many times mp3s in the description. I have a million duets in the works so look out for them.


Toeto Cover

I’m back with another cover! Big surprise there but this is my birthday present for a friend of mine. Her name is Lyza and she is a duet partner of mine though our song isn’t finished yet!
But it will be soon I hope?!

Anyways if you skip to 2:17 you’ll hear my cover. I covered one of her favourite vocaloid songs. Its also a song I’ve wanted to do for awhile anyways so this was the perfect opportunity.

I used my super kawaii voice to sing this song well I at least tried. Since I wanted to upload this on her birthday I didn’t have enough time to add harmonies. I also realized I had a better take of this song too but I had already mixed this one so it is what it is.

As for mixing , yesterday I mixed this cover on the bus cause my ipod died and the old Chinese lady who sat beside me was giving me weird looks cause all she saw was me clicking stuff and looking at some strange graphs on the computer. Oh the joys of public transportation.

I loved singing this cute song it was so easy to learn and not a strain on the vocal chords like some other songs I’ve covered.

Also for the hell of it I posted my bloopers for it on soundcloud and I was really weird that day and you can hear harmonies in that one for a bit ahahaha. I might redo this with proper harmonies.

Anyways I got another cover coming up soon and I hope you’ll all continue to support me and after some soul searching , I am now out of school until January but not I gotta find a job again. Ganbatte Toeto errr I mean Annami!


Owarani Melody Wo Utaidashimashita


I covered the ending theme from Kamisama no Inai Nichibyou. I love this show and this song so much! When I first heard it I fell in love. Especially the use of it in episode 3.

Anyways I am getting at mixing audio especially using adobe audition. This is literally one if the best I’ve done so far. I am extremely proud of this cover. It shows my improvement in singing and in Japanese.

The audio cleans up so well in adobe 😉 By the way I managed to record this song with only 2 takes and had most of the harmonies done but then something went wrong and I lost it all. So this is a rerecorded version and I think its the better one.

I really hope you guys enjoy this cover. Cheers to not being sick anymore!


Last Night Goodnight Cover

I attempted the voice killer Last Night Goodnight. I have loved this song forever. The first Kz song I’ve ever heard and one of my favourite Miku songs.

It was the first time I actually loved her voice. Before this song I was a hardcore Luka lover. Still am though I love more vocaloids now.

Anywyas I have been singing this for about a month now but I’ve been singing it on and off since 2012. I had about 20 takes of this on my computer before picking this one. I even sang this song at 1am with my window open , I’m sure my neighbours loved it.

This song is so high I don’t even know how I managed it. Since I’m currently still getting my voice back , trying to recreate this right now is out of the question.

I had a lot of fun mixing this one. Since I’m still experimenting with adobe audition the harmonies sound a little different. I was trying different effects and layering a lot of harmonies. I even went for super high harmonies too at one point.

This was a fun challenge , I like testing the limits of the human voice and I hope your ears don’t die from it.

See you all soon with another cover! 😉