Last Night Goodnight Cover

I attempted the voice killer Last Night Goodnight. I have loved this song forever. The first Kz song I’ve ever heard and one of my favourite Miku songs.

It was the first time I actually loved her voice. Before this song I was a hardcore Luka lover. Still am though I love more vocaloids now.

Anywyas I have been singing this for about a month now but I’ve been singing it on and off since 2012. I had about 20 takes of this on my computer before picking this one. I even sang this song at 1am with my window open , I’m sure my neighbours loved it.

This song is so high I don’t even know how I managed it. Since I’m currently still getting my voice back , trying to recreate this right now is out of the question.

I had a lot of fun mixing this one. Since I’m still experimenting with adobe audition the harmonies sound a little different. I was trying different effects and layering a lot of harmonies. I even went for super high harmonies too at one point.

This was a fun challenge , I like testing the limits of the human voice and I hope your ears don’t die from it.

See you all soon with another cover! 😉



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