Hoshi no Uta English Acoustic Arrangement

I told you I’d be back with another cover and here it is!

I covered the lovely BuzzG song Hoshi no Uta (Song of Stars). I really love his works and he’s a talented vocaloid producer. This is my second cover of his. My first being my Shiwa duet. This song is so pretty and poetic.

I used a fellow youtaite Jefferz’s translyrics. He has a lovely voice and he always writes fantastic lyrics but for some reason these particular ones really spoke to me. A link to his channel are in the description in the youtube video.

This was such an easy song for me to sing. I don’t often use my soft , light , airy voice in covers so using it this time around was a refreshing change. As for harmonies they still weren’t perfect but I’m ever slowly getting better. I put quite a few of them in this song and it was fun trying out a million things to get it sounding this way. Also a departure from usual is I don’t have my usual high harmonies just a bunch of low ones. It was would have been crazy to add high harmonies since the main vocal line was pretty high already.

I remember I first heard this song through a ShounenT cover and as some of you may know , ShounenT is all about acoustic so I’ve only ever known this song as being acoustic. Though I’ve heard the original and I like it too! Jefferzkm acoustic track he used was so pretty that I managed to find it and use it. This is now my second cover that is acoustic , the first being Beautiful World.

As for mixing I have improved so much since my first cover. I really understand a lot of the effects now and though I’m nowhere near the level of being professional its nice listening to my covers and hearing how professional they sound. I do have to give props to adobe audition for being such a good program and audacity in helping me understand mixing.

Well that’s all for now , I hope you enjoy this and feel relaxed and as stated many times mp3s in the description. I have a million duets in the works so look out for them.



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