Our Let It Be

So last post I mentioned I had a bunch of duets in the works , so here’s one of them!

I covered this song with a fairly new youtaite named Evan. (A link to his channel in the description) I asked him at random and he agreed , I didn’t think he would actually say yes. His voice is fabulous though his microphone and recording area aren’t the greatest we managed to make it sound okay.

Our let it be is one of those vocaloid songs I’ve always wanted to cover. I am so happy I’ve done it and I always thought it’d be a nice duet. Something accomplished right there!

HarryP writes some of the best vocaloid songs. They are always stories that are beautiful yet sad. Why do I love sad songs?

So this my first time mixing a duet and it pretty smooth sailing until timing became an issue. In audacity my vocals were perfectly synched but when I imported the tracks into adobe audition the timing got all whack and I tried moving it as much as possible so they would synch up! I have lot to learn when using adobe it seems. ***Note I just switched the video , cause I managed to fix the sync now its perfect***

Well enjoy the pretty and sad video , see you all very soon!



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