Ton Ton Mae

So I made a self duet. XD This is the first one I’ve done in Japanese though. Every song I cover is sort of like self duet , when you sing harmony yourself its like dueting LOL.

This was such a blast to record , mix and learn. I hope I have improved my Len Kagamine voice. its definitely getting easier to sing in this voice and I’m not sure that is something I should be proud of.

This song is so cute and happy and I love it . Though i’m not too sure what its actually about. But its awesome so it doesn’t matter.

That pv is so amazing , I just want to live in that world , seems like a stress free place . 🙂

As for the mix this time around I kept it really simple. I just focused on getting on the balance and it feels really nice to know what your doing when your mixing. I remember trying to mix for the first time and being so lost.

Anyways enjoy the cover , I’ll be back very soon with more songs.



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