Newest cover. This is my audition for a youtube chorus.

This is now my 3rd Yuyopyuppe cover. I just love his music. This is true vocarock. He also uses Luka so well. I love how his songs have so much emotion in them and the high notes. You know how much I love singing high notes^^

Anyways its been so long since I last sung a Luka song. I really missed singing anything by her. Hopefully I’ll have more soon.

So the mix in this is so so. I’m too lazy to fix it because I’m so tired LOL. My new job has me working almost everyday and long 8 hour shifts. I literally fell asleep in my computer chair while mixing this.

I recorded the vocals for this awhile ago. My senpai asked me to duet this song with him. So I just added in extra harmonies and that crazy high note at the end. Speaking of which I can’t believe I even attempted that….

Anyways I hope you enjoy the cover. I’ll more interesting stuff to come and lets hope I don’t fall over from working too hard.



Sayoko English Cover

Hello again my lovely readers. I bring you my newest cover. Well its actually old , I recorded it a couple of weeks ago but whatever , minor details.

I love singing sad songs and this song is very sad. My first MikitoP song too. Anyways I have always loved this song ever since I first heard it. This was one of those songs where I heard those English translyrics/ covers and I was instantly hooked.

The English translyrics were written by a fellow youtaite named AndoryuNii. he is an amazing rapper/singer and lyricist. He got a really amazing youtaite singer named Rachie to sing this for him and guys she’s amazing. Seriously she sings with so much emotion and her harmonies are to die for! But yeah Ando wrote these poetic but descriptive lyrics and I instantly fell in love with them. I had no choice but sing them.

As far as vocals for this song go , I used my deep girl voice this one I think is closest to my speaking voice. I have a few songs I want to cover using various ranges of my deeper register. It was nice singing a song in a different way from usual.

The harmonies might sound really off or just weird but I did it on purpose. Since this song’s lyrics were written from a suicidal person’s perspective I went a long with that thought process and wanted my harmonies to sound like echoes of those thoughts. I’m not sure it turned exactly like I envisioned but I’m still pleased with the end result.

Anyways I have a new job now but I won’t let it stop me from making covers and videos 😉
I’m auditioning for choruses and fandubs so I might be posting more than usual.

Enjoy the cover , see you all soon.


World Domination How To Duet

Hi guys! I’m back with another duet. This time with my fellow youtaite Aelynn. She lives in the Czech Republic and I live in Canada , so we had a 6 hour time difference so it was very hard to try and communicate and plan this song.

This song was funny because I got sick when I wanted to record my part. But it kind of worked out in the end because I got to learn the lyrics better. When I got better I recorded my half and sent it to Aelynn but she got sick. So in this recording she was actually very sick so I did my best in the mix to hide that fact.

This is my first time singing a Kagamine twins song. Also the first time I sang as Rin. Its also the first Neru song I’ve ever sang as well. His music is so fast and high but its fun to learn and sing.

Anyone have interpretations on what this song is about? Aelynn gave me a nice one but I’d like to hear your thoughts on this song.

This song was hard to mix because the volumes were hard to make equal. Because certain parts get really loud. But I managed to make it work. Also I found ways to improve Aelynn vocals without changing anything with pitch correction or anything. Since her high notes weren’t as good (stupid sickness) I changed which channels things went into.

The timing and pronunciation is a little of because this song was really hard for me. I am continuing to work hard though!

I don’t have much to say this time around but enjoy this duet and look forward to more stuff! By the Happy Thanksgiving if your in Canada like me , yay for Turkey Day!


Glow x Crack

So I totally forgot to post my recent cover up here. Sorry guys.

I am entering this cover in a youtuaite cover competition for keeno songs.
Keeno is one the greatest vocaloid producers out there. I love all his songs even if there really sad. He is in my opinion the master of using Hatsune Miku Dark Append.

This is supposed to be a mashup between two songs. Crack and Glow. But since I’ve never done a mash up before and the melody of crack didn’t really match with glow’s instrumental. So it kind of became more of a lyrics mash up if anything. I’m still proud of it since it was my first trying something like this.
Glow is probably my most favourite Keeno song. There is just something that makes this song so beautiful and emotional. I’m not sure what it is but I love it.

Singing this song was so much fun for me. Singing a song you love a lot just makes the recording process easier and more enjoyable. Since its a favourite and will be entered into a competition I worked extra hard on it.
I literally spent a whole day on the vocals alone.

This cover is now proof to myself I can sing decent sounding harmonies! I have been steadily improving and I’m sure in the future I’ll keep improving. I really hope you all with still be listening with me as time goes by!

Mixing this song was fun. I spent a long time going over each part and harmony adding effects or taking them out. I tried really hard to get the balance right If it wasn’t for a friend of mine. The volume balance would have been so off and your ears would have been blown off.

Sorry for all the crazy belting by the way. This song just kind of screams passion so I just did it that way.

The picture in this video I drew myself. I’m really bad at drawing people and its supposed to be Miku (as if the blue hair didn’t give it away!)

Well I have a bunch duets ready to be uploaded and a cool concept I want to turn into a video , so look out for something that isn’t a cover!


Till The Day I Can See You Again

So I covered my first Kaoling ever and this my second Gumi cover I believe.

Wow this song was so difficult. I have literally been learning it for months now. Its been a long time and I actually wanted to have it done earlier but I kind of forgot about it. Oops XD

I love kaoling songs because they always have a Celtic/folk song type feel to them. It makes them unique and fun but a challenge to learn. This song had some made up words in it too! I haven’t sung in a made up language since I did “Aimo Aimo”.

I think my voice isn’t really suited to these types of songs but I thought why not challenge myself and change it up. Also I have improved in harmonizing but not at the level yet for this cover to be amazing!

So as for mixing and recording this cover took a long time for me to do. I spent something like 6 hours on it. Not all once though. Don’t freak out I didn’t die! I spent like 3 hours recording and recording vocals. This song is fast (at least to me anyways) and I kept messing up. This is one of the few covers where I didn’t get the main vocal line in one take. I did a lot of cutting and pasting to get better pronunciations. Plus I always come up with harmonies/adlibs etc on the spot so that always makes recording take a while.

The mix I went crazy. I mixed every section of the song differently. I did little piece by little piece. I had a ton of effects on the vocals but I ended taking a lot of them off because I think simplicity in this songs case was better.

Anyways I have a ton of other cool things I want to try that aren’t cover related. But it might me some time to make them but in the meantime I will keep making covers and look forward to more duets.

See you all again! The title of this song fits so well with the ending of this post LOL