Glow x Crack

So I totally forgot to post my recent cover up here. Sorry guys.

I am entering this cover in a youtuaite cover competition for keeno songs.
Keeno is one the greatest vocaloid producers out there. I love all his songs even if there really sad. He is in my opinion the master of using Hatsune Miku Dark Append.

This is supposed to be a mashup between two songs. Crack and Glow. But since I’ve never done a mash up before and the melody of crack didn’t really match with glow’s instrumental. So it kind of became more of a lyrics mash up if anything. I’m still proud of it since it was my first trying something like this.
Glow is probably my most favourite Keeno song. There is just something that makes this song so beautiful and emotional. I’m not sure what it is but I love it.

Singing this song was so much fun for me. Singing a song you love a lot just makes the recording process easier and more enjoyable. Since its a favourite and will be entered into a competition I worked extra hard on it.
I literally spent a whole day on the vocals alone.

This cover is now proof to myself I can sing decent sounding harmonies! I have been steadily improving and I’m sure in the future I’ll keep improving. I really hope you all with still be listening with me as time goes by!

Mixing this song was fun. I spent a long time going over each part and harmony adding effects or taking them out. I tried really hard to get the balance right If it wasn’t for a friend of mine. The volume balance would have been so off and your ears would have been blown off.

Sorry for all the crazy belting by the way. This song just kind of screams passion so I just did it that way.

The picture in this video I drew myself. I’m really bad at drawing people and its supposed to be Miku (as if the blue hair didn’t give it away!)

Well I have a bunch duets ready to be uploaded and a cool concept I want to turn into a video , so look out for something that isn’t a cover!



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