World Domination How To Duet

Hi guys! I’m back with another duet. This time with my fellow youtaite Aelynn. She lives in the Czech Republic and I live in Canada , so we had a 6 hour time difference so it was very hard to try and communicate and plan this song.

This song was funny because I got sick when I wanted to record my part. But it kind of worked out in the end because I got to learn the lyrics better. When I got better I recorded my half and sent it to Aelynn but she got sick. So in this recording she was actually very sick so I did my best in the mix to hide that fact.

This is my first time singing a Kagamine twins song. Also the first time I sang as Rin. Its also the first Neru song I’ve ever sang as well. His music is so fast and high but its fun to learn and sing.

Anyone have interpretations on what this song is about? Aelynn gave me a nice one but I’d like to hear your thoughts on this song.

This song was hard to mix because the volumes were hard to make equal. Because certain parts get really loud. But I managed to make it work. Also I found ways to improve Aelynn vocals without changing anything with pitch correction or anything. Since her high notes weren’t as good (stupid sickness) I changed which channels things went into.

The timing and pronunciation is a little of because this song was really hard for me. I am continuing to work hard though!

I don’t have much to say this time around but enjoy this duet and look forward to more stuff! By the Happy Thanksgiving if your in Canada like me , yay for Turkey Day!



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