Sayoko English Cover

Hello again my lovely readers. I bring you my newest cover. Well its actually old , I recorded it a couple of weeks ago but whatever , minor details.

I love singing sad songs and this song is very sad. My first MikitoP song too. Anyways I have always loved this song ever since I first heard it. This was one of those songs where I heard those English translyrics/ covers and I was instantly hooked.

The English translyrics were written by a fellow youtaite named AndoryuNii. he is an amazing rapper/singer and lyricist. He got a really amazing youtaite singer named Rachie to sing this for him and guys she’s amazing. Seriously she sings with so much emotion and her harmonies are to die for! But yeah Ando wrote these poetic but descriptive lyrics and I instantly fell in love with them. I had no choice but sing them.

As far as vocals for this song go , I used my deep girl voice this one I think is closest to my speaking voice. I have a few songs I want to cover using various ranges of my deeper register. It was nice singing a song in a different way from usual.

The harmonies might sound really off or just weird but I did it on purpose. Since this song’s lyrics were written from a suicidal person’s perspective I went a long with that thought process and wanted my harmonies to sound like echoes of those thoughts. I’m not sure it turned exactly like I envisioned but I’m still pleased with the end result.

Anyways I have a new job now but I won’t let it stop me from making covers and videos 😉
I’m auditioning for choruses and fandubs so I might be posting more than usual.

Enjoy the cover , see you all soon.



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