Green Straight Duet

Its time for a Gumi cover! This is my 3rd duet with my Senpai. He is so nice and our voices go really well together. I thank him for suggesting this song. I wouldn’t have known it without him.

RaibuP makes some seriously nice songs. I really enjoyed learning and singing this relaxed kind of song.

I had this mixed and recorded a long time ago , I just never uploaded it cause I busy and or lazy.

But its up now!

Miixing this song was a joy , it was so simple and the subtle effects I did add , really enhanced the song. Please use headphones it improves all listening experiences of my covers.

I don’t have a lot to say so this post actually and I’m half dead , from work and my cold medication.

I have a lot of songs I want to finish covering , working on more duets and fandub/chorus stuff. All this while my work leaves me dead tired everyday. This week I’ll have worked 51 hours wooo!

I’ll keep working to get it done and thanks for the support guys , I really enjoy this hobby and I’m glad you are joining me for the ride.



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