Practically Perfect

So I got bugged again by my friends to sing some musical theatre stuff. But instead of Broadway I decided to do some West End music. The West End is the London equivalent to Broadway.

So chose to do a song from the musical version of Mary Poppins. I prefer the show over the movie. The musical kept all the songs from the movie and added new ones. The composers of the new songs were none other than the Sherman brothers who composed for the movie. So the songs sound great and fit in well with the original songs from the movie.

The musical plot is based off the original Australian Mary Poppins books by PL Travers so it flows better and isn’t so random.

I sung the trio from act 1. the song is when Jane and Michael Banks meet Mary for the first time and she tells them all about how wonderful she is.

Yeah so basically I sung a self trio with British accents. I’m crazy I know. I do a terrible English accent. But it was fun to try and attempt. Also My Jane and Michael sound kind of similar , I tried though. Plus I had to record each part separately , so I was trying to match each part I had sung previously and it was hard to try and be exact plus harmonize at the same time. I apologize for that awful harmony at the end.

This is one of my favourite cast recordings to clean too and this song in particular is my sweeping song. LOL I am really weird.

As for mixing , Broadway style songs are so hard because its all about getting the balance right and you can’t put too many cool effects in because it detracts the performance of the song.

Anyways that’s all I have to say for now , I hope you enjoy and see you all soon with more cool covers etc



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