Utsukushiki Zankou Na Sekai Duet Version

So I mixed my cover of Utsukushiki Zankou Na Sekai with Kal’s amazing version.

I literally just edited them together , if it sounds a bit off its because I’m not still not that good at mixing duets but I’m working on it.

Kal was nice enough to let me use his cover and I pronounced some of the words differently and held notes differently than he did and I was too lazy to record so yeah.

This was really fun to make and my goodness Kal’s high notes are so fabulous!

I don’t have much to say this time around actually. I miss watching Shingeki every week , hopefully we’ll get season 2 soon , it ended on a cliff hanger!!!!

I’m trying to learn five million new songs and mix five million others. I’ve got two drawings to finish and 3 songs to cover for chorus auditions and I have a special video I have to edit and A birthday cover for a friend of mine to mix. Plus working and reapplying to school. I am so busy suddenly , when will I find time for everything and not be so tired anymore?!

Anyways enjoy and thanks for listening , I’ll be posting again really soon 😉



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