Deadline Circus Trio

Hello , Happy New Years Eve , I still another two posts to put up on here but I’ll wait a bit before doing them because I’m lazy and I have to work soon.

I was asked by two fellow youtaites to particiapte in a trio for Halloween. Though this didn’t get finished till after Halloween anyways hahaha.

We did Deadline Circus by Last Note. I actually have only heard a couple of Last Note songs but she makes really great fast and energetic songs , so this fun to do. Though it was a challenge. I got to do Len’s part which was fun. Yay for my male voice!

So I actually forgot about practicing this cause of real life stuff and when I asked to do this , it was months in advance, ooopps XD. So by the time came for me to record , I was getting sick and I had to learn this song in 3 days cause we wanted to get done by Halloween. So my part is a little rough in some places.

But yeah this was a fun to do and I really enjoyed working with these two lovely ladies , oh and duets/collaborations are my favourite things to do as a youtaite and I have a lot planned so stay tuned. Oh I have a lot of english covers coming up so look forward to that as well.

Enjoy the cover.



Aishiteru no Uta

Okay third time writing this description – ahh It wouldn’t save ughhh , technology problems.

So i took part in the Youtaite secret Santa.

A little background on the secret santa thing. Its like a normal secret santa except its online and involves singers and artists.
Everyone who participated had to sign up on a google doc , giving their youtube channel and twitter (so we can send present links). You had to write a short description of what song you’d like to have covered or what picture you’d like drawn. Since some people draw and don’t sing in the community.

I received my gift/cover already and it was awesome! Jayel chan sang one of my favourite kagerou project songs.

So I got Starlight kun as my recipient. He is spanish i believe , not sure , never actually spoken to him. Anyways he has a lovely voice. So we basically have the same taste in music. He asked for acoustic so i chose this. I was going to do “longing” by keeno , cause he loves keeno but this song was just stuck in my head.

This is the 2nd umetora song I ever heard and honestly it made me like Umetora. Since I wasn’t too fond of his techno elctro style songs. But his acoustic more sentimental works. Oh by the way this song translates to “Song of I love you” in english and how cute and great is that.

So I have been really busy with work lately. Its amazing that I managed to get this done and do christmas shopping. So happy Christmas eve and I have another post but I’ll save it for later or maybe tomorrow.

Mp3 in the video descripotion on youtube , enjoy everyone.


A Solution For Jealousy

Hi guys back for another upload , new week , new cover , still going strong!

So another special , dedication cover. This one is dedicated to Jefferzkm. Two things Jeff loves are english translyrics and Honeyworks , so here is both!

This song is told from the guy’s perspective so I tried to sound like a guy but this song is really high so it was quite difficult to sing , I hope I managed.

Minty’s lyrics are always so pretty! Also Rachie’s awesome version inspired me so much.

Harmonies have never been my strong point , but I am honestly trying to get better , this is another step closer to that I think.

Mix was pretty good this time around too , I also did it pretty fast , an hour and a half , usually takes longer…..

I am one busy girl , with work , school stuff I’m dealing with ,Christmas parties and duets to work on , i have no time for anything. Gonna be slowing with uploads maybe , not sure we shall see and look forward to my duets , I’m singing with lots of great people!


The Reluctant Heroes Piano Version

Hello again Everyone. I have a special upload today.

I’m dedicating this cover to Anba chan , a very popular youtaite , who is extremely talented and a big inspiration to me. Not only is she an awesome singer but she’s a really funny and nice person. I’m glad she even bothered to talk to me , a complete newbie in the youtaite community.

So in thanks and celebration for her awesomeness , Happy Birthday Anba and I hope you like the cover. I sang my favourite Shingeki song from the ost complete with the engrish lyrics. I wanted to use the original instrumental but couldn’t find it so I just used this great piano one instead. Thanks for being you and I know this gift is early but enjoy.

The return of Annami’s shota trap voice LOL , I had a lot of fun singing this way and its fun to be my boy self Annomi. I loved this song as soon as I heard back at the end of episode 9 . Hiroyuki Sawano has always been my favourite anime composer so its a joy to sing some of his music. I might do a blue exorcist song if his one day.

I tried to make some good harmonies but that is one thing I’ll forever be learning , I guess.

So I have a bunch of duets I’m trying to learn and plan with other people (I never stop do I?) Some christmas cover presents to make , I have to start christmas shopping and I hope I don’t die from being overworked at my job , I’m doing a straight 61 hour week currently;A;.


Imagiantion Forest

So I finally reached and surpassed my goal of 150 subs on youtube. I am so happy and greatful. I honestly didn’t think I would ever get here and let alone in less than a year.

So I decided to sing a song I’ve been learning for a year now. It takes me forever to learn fast songs. Imagination forest by Jin is the first Kagerou project I ever heard and its one of my favourites. I am currently learning a whole bunch of other kagepro songs though. Songs with stories are always my favourites. I love the story going here and it has a nice ending too.

I tried my best to make interesting and flattering harmonies to accompany the main vocals. This song just fits my voice and range so well. Plus the high notes , I love doing them so much.

The mix I tried to balance out as much as possible and add just some little effects here and there. I am by no means a great mixer but I honestly am trying to get better.

I was inspired by Nero’s amazing acoustic version for the harmonies and one nico chorus of this song had a voice acting in it so I figured why not give it a shot in my own cover.

I literally made up some lines and googled translated them into Japanese I’m sorry if there not accurate. Also I am terrible voice actor. My girl , boy and momall sounded almost the same . Well it was an attempt so it wouldn’t be perfect.

Anyways thanks for listening , I have a lot of projects to record , learn , mix to keep me busy. I am getting so involved in the youtaite community and I’m loving it.

Just bought a drawing tablet recently so hopefully I have original art to go with my covers (though I have done that once already too) and I plan on making a cool video now that I can draw digitally.