Imagiantion Forest

So I finally reached and surpassed my goal of 150 subs on youtube. I am so happy and greatful. I honestly didn’t think I would ever get here and let alone in less than a year.

So I decided to sing a song I’ve been learning for a year now. It takes me forever to learn fast songs. Imagination forest by Jin is the first Kagerou project I ever heard and its one of my favourites. I am currently learning a whole bunch of other kagepro songs though. Songs with stories are always my favourites. I love the story going here and it has a nice ending too.

I tried my best to make interesting and flattering harmonies to accompany the main vocals. This song just fits my voice and range so well. Plus the high notes , I love doing them so much.

The mix I tried to balance out as much as possible and add just some little effects here and there. I am by no means a great mixer but I honestly am trying to get better.

I was inspired by Nero’s amazing acoustic version for the harmonies and one nico chorus of this song had a voice acting in it so I figured why not give it a shot in my own cover.

I literally made up some lines and googled translated them into Japanese I’m sorry if there not accurate. Also I am terrible voice actor. My girl , boy and momall sounded almost the same . Well it was an attempt so it wouldn’t be perfect.

Anyways thanks for listening , I have a lot of projects to record , learn , mix to keep me busy. I am getting so involved in the youtaite community and I’m loving it.

Just bought a drawing tablet recently so hopefully I have original art to go with my covers (though I have done that once already too) and I plan on making a cool video now that I can draw digitally.



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