The Reluctant Heroes Piano Version

Hello again Everyone. I have a special upload today.

I’m dedicating this cover to Anba chan , a very popular youtaite , who is extremely talented and a big inspiration to me. Not only is she an awesome singer but she’s a really funny and nice person. I’m glad she even bothered to talk to me , a complete newbie in the youtaite community.

So in thanks and celebration for her awesomeness , Happy Birthday Anba and I hope you like the cover. I sang my favourite Shingeki song from the ost complete with the engrish lyrics. I wanted to use the original instrumental but couldn’t find it so I just used this great piano one instead. Thanks for being you and I know this gift is early but enjoy.

The return of Annami’s shota trap voice LOL , I had a lot of fun singing this way and its fun to be my boy self Annomi. I loved this song as soon as I heard back at the end of episode 9 . Hiroyuki Sawano has always been my favourite anime composer so its a joy to sing some of his music. I might do a blue exorcist song if his one day.

I tried to make some good harmonies but that is one thing I’ll forever be learning , I guess.

So I have a bunch of duets I’m trying to learn and plan with other people (I never stop do I?) Some christmas cover presents to make , I have to start christmas shopping and I hope I don’t die from being overworked at my job , I’m doing a straight 61 hour week currently;A;.



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