A Solution For Jealousy

Hi guys back for another upload , new week , new cover , still going strong!

So another special , dedication cover. This one is dedicated to Jefferzkm. Two things Jeff loves are english translyrics and Honeyworks , so here is both!

This song is told from the guy’s perspective so I tried to sound like a guy but this song is really high so it was quite difficult to sing , I hope I managed.

Minty’s lyrics are always so pretty! Also Rachie’s awesome version inspired me so much.


Harmonies have never been my strong point , but I am honestly trying to get better , this is another step closer to that I think.

Mix was pretty good this time around too , I also did it pretty fast , an hour and a half , usually takes longer…..

I am one busy girl , with work , school stuff I’m dealing with ,Christmas parties and duets to work on , i have no time for anything. Gonna be slowing with uploads maybe , not sure we shall see and look forward to my duets , I’m singing with lots of great people!



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