Deadline Circus Trio

Hello , Happy New Years Eve , I still another two posts to put up on here but I’ll wait a bit before doing them because I’m lazy and I have to work soon.

I was asked by two fellow youtaites to particiapte in a trio for Halloween. Though this didn’t get finished till after Halloween anyways hahaha.

We did Deadline Circus by Last Note. I actually have only heard a couple of Last Note songs but she makes really great fast and energetic songs , so this fun to do. Though it was a challenge. I got to do Len’s part which was fun. Yay for my male voice!

So I actually forgot about practicing this cause of real life stuff and when I asked to do this , it was months in advance, ooopps XD. So by the time came for me to record , I was getting sick and I had to learn this song in 3 days cause we wanted to get done by Halloween. So my part is a little rough in some places.

But yeah this was a fun to do and I really enjoyed working with these two lovely ladies , oh and duets/collaborations are my favourite things to do as a youtaite and I have a lot planned so stay tuned. Oh I have a lot of english covers coming up so look forward to that as well.

Enjoy the cover.



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