Love is an Open Door Duet

Hi guys , I’m been busy with starting college and working , I haven’t had much time to record let alone update my blog but I’ll do my best to keep it up. Don’t worry I won’t disappear.

So my duet partner from the duet battle last year 4@4 randomly messaged me to sing with him again. At the time he sent me this song I actually hadn’t seen this movie but I had heard of it since everyone on my twitter wouldn’t stop talking about it or singing the songs.

So me and 4@4 sang the duet “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen which is is favourite song from the movie and its adorable. I really enjoyed the movie , it was another really good Disney movie and the amount of Broadway talent made me so happy. I have always hated the fact that Hollywood always casted actors who can’t sing in singing roles. there is a whole crop of musical theatre actors who can sing and act and I just think the quality of work would just be better if they used them. So thank you Disney!

Bobby and Kristen Lopez wrote the music for of my favourite musicals called Avenue Q so after hearing the music , I knew instantly why I instantly loved it!

I tried to use my msucial theatre acting to portray the character but I’m not sure if its perfect but I tried. 4@4 surprised with how well he fits this song and I really liked singing with him. I hope we work again in the future.

Anyways I will probably be uploading some more covers laters this week , so make sure you look out for them , mp3’s are always in the description except for this song , I will send it , if asked though.

Still trying to finish up some duets , mix some other covers and learn new songs but I am not full of time much these days but I hope you keep supporting me. Enjoy the cover guys.



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