For the First Time in Forever

Hi guys I am really bad at keeping up to date with stuff. I have been way too busy with school and work to have to update properly. I am very sorry but I’m currently on a bit of a break before semester 2. Yep going to be going to school all summer since I started my program in January. If I started in September I would have been done a full year of college already but welp whatever.

So here is another frozen song. Second favourite one after Let it Go of course but as many people told me they liked this cover best. I find this song fits my voice better anyways. I get to use the technique in singing called a “mix” a lot in this cover. A mix is a cross between head voice and chest. Its a lighter sound but its still strong like a belt but not as powerful. As for what head voice and chest voice and belting are that will be for another post LOL XD.

I had a lot of fun making this self duet. I am actually really enjoy making self duets. That makes me sound really lonely but its true. As much as I love collaborating I don’t have to worry about someone else getting me their half or keeping others waiting for my half as well. Its just me , myself and I meaning I can go at my own pace. Its also a challenge to see how far my voice can go. Its a good workout for how many voices/ how many facets of my voice I can use. For some reason I think its fun!

Can I just say 4@4 is an amazing mixer can he mix all my covers for me! I hope we together again , i love working with him.

This is was kind of tricky since for one line Anna stuffs some chocolate in her face so I decided I would do that to recreate it. I did some takes takes of this song stuffing cinnamon rolls and tea biscuits in my face. I had to sing this song and quickly grab the roll/biscuit shove it in my face quickly then pull it out quickly or swallow it very fast. Singing this wasn’t hard it was all the face stuffing.

These quirky happy songs fit me so well because its basically my personality in a nutshell. I’ve said this before but I really don’t have a princess type voice but I have grown to love my slightly boyish sounding voice its definitely unique to say the least.

I have some bloopers of me trying to record Anna’s part like I did with let it go. I get really weird when recording clearly.

I’ll update again soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you all check out my youtube channel where I tend to update better and all my covers are there.



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