How The West Made Manga (And Anime): A Sensationalist Headline

Short and sweet and very insightful , Nathans posts always teach me a lot


But a true one. The word manga was coined in the 1800’s by Katsushika Hokusai when he released his work Hokusai Manga, a 15 volume collection of his woodblock prints. (As a manga fan, it’s nice to know that an artist, not a company, invented the word.) Hokusai’s manga, however, had little in common with what we call manga today. Much of that came from outside Japan. Let’s take a look an the art form itself, to see how the world helped create the medium now considered distinctly Japanese.

Word Bubbles: English

It was only when Charles Wirgman, a British news corespondent and cartoonist, started his own publication in 1862 that Japanese manga started evolving into what it is today. Japan Punch was an English language Japanese political satire magazine distributed among the Brits living there. It used word bubbles in its political cartoons, which Japanese artists were…

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Confession Rehearsal English Dub

Back to update the blog! Finally , “Annami you should really update , your readers are waiting” is what I tell myself and thus henceforth that is why there is a new post right here. Anyways enough rambling on to the business at hand.

So I uploaded this before Valentines cause I had to work on valentines and go to school so I didn’t have enough time to post it that day. But I think it really fit the occasion.

Honeyworks are one of the most popular vocaloid producers around and for good reason. They create some incredibly cute and happy music with amazing pv’s aswell. So since there popularity is so huge over in japan there song series (like kagepro) ended up getting a light novel series so they made this little animation to accompany it and promote it. They got some big name voice actors to voice in it and held a contest for people to dub it and the winners would get there shown on tv as a commercial for the series.

So its originally in Japanese and I can’t speak Japanese so I decided why not do it in English which I can speak. I asked my friend Jeff to help me out and do the guys part. he sounds amazing since he’s trying to become a voice actor so it only makes sense he’d be good. I on the other hand am just some random amateur who did this for fun.

So I took the english subtitles and was going to make a transenglish script but the lines fit the video pretty well so i left them as is.

It was so awkward recording these lines cause I was basically talking to know one and I had to redo it or and or anything to to match the character mouth movements on screen. I made sure no one was home when I did this to be on the safe side. It was awkward that even when I was alone recording , I was like getting all flustered and nervous.

Timing this was literally the hardest thing. Especially cause Window movie maker wouldn’t let me get very exact for some reason and I guess I need more practice at voice dubbing. Or multiple screens to see the script and video easier. Thank god for the split screens function on windows 8! Very helpful.

Also I am so not girly and cute enough to sound like an anime character but I work with the voice I have LOL. This is actually a higher part of my voice since I usually talk deeper than this. That in and of itself was a challenge right there.

The video was so short so I added a bit of the original pv with me singing some english translyrics by Jubyphonic. They were such nice lyrics to sing.

Anyways please enjoy the short video and I want to try more voice acting it was awkward but fun! See you next time everyone!