How The West Made Manga (And Anime): A Sensationalist Headline

Short and sweet and very insightful , Nathans posts always teach me a lot


But a true one. The word manga was coined in the 1800’s by Katsushika Hokusai when he released his work Hokusai Manga, a 15 volume collection of his woodblock prints. (As a manga fan, it’s nice to know that an artist, not a company, invented the word.) Hokusai’s manga, however, had little in common with what we call manga today. Much of that came from outside Japan. Let’s take a look an the art form itself, to see how the world helped create the medium now considered distinctly Japanese.

Word Bubbles: English

It was only when Charles Wirgman, a British news corespondent and cartoonist, started his own publication in 1862 that Japanese manga started evolving into what it is today. Japan Punch was an English language Japanese political satire magazine distributed among the Brits living there. It used word bubbles in its political cartoons, which Japanese artists were…

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