A Banana in Need

I know guys its been a long time since I updated this blog and I am sorry. Its been a rough and hectic year and I’ve still been uploading and recording covers and they are all still on youtube. Been dealing with a lot of personal stuff and school and work and well its been stressful to say the least.  I’ve steadily improved in my mixing and singing though and I am proud of that.

But anyways I am here today to ask you to help a banana in need. The banana being me. So after this tumultuous year I decided my previous major of Graphic Design wasn’t really for me and after meeting a special guy to me I found the place I wanted to be in and where I felt like I belonged. That was in Europe. I want to go back to my roots of what I previously thought I wanted to study which is history and languages. I found a program in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and I just passed the first round of admissions. So its very real I might be accepted. But the tuition for an international student to study there is very expensive. I would love to do my full degree abroad there. To be in the continent I love with , close to a person I love a lot , learning things I like would be the best experience.

I have been looking into scholarships to no avail and my family is poor. Even here in Canada where I live I am struggling to go to school because my family has been really hard hit. I want to invest in me and my future and I want to avoid taking a huge loan if possible since I don’t want to be debt for the rest of my life plus the government is not offering any assistance in anyway.

I started a GoFundMe campaign to ask for help. I am not asking for a lot of money for any one person. The total goal is huge but in like every person donated $5 it would add up. But its completely up to you. I am really not the type of person to ask for anything. I’d rather work it by myself but me working full time at my job right now for minimum wage isn’t giving me enough funds especially not in time for February. I worked hard to make the best application to the school I could and I didn’t really think I could get it but I really do have a shot! I will continue to work hard so if you can spare anything I would be so honoured and grateful truly.  Also please share this with others if you can.

Thank you so much guys for reading this and the link is below.



Time Machine English/Japanese – HBD Eban!

So look time no blog! Annami is alive -mostly. I’m at school with time to kill before class , i mean I could do homework but no motivation and I am so sleepy so yeah. Procrastination always wins it seems.

Anyways I’m trying to get all these blog posts about my covers up and written. I’m slowly moving up the list. Very slowly it seems. Hopefully I’ll get it all done soon and maybe I can write some different content and upload some art work to here too^^ (if you didn’t know I’m studying art in college and I just got into my graphic design program for next year wooo!)

But on to the pressing matter at hand , lets talk about the linked cover above. This is the 2nd birthday cover I have ever made. I really love making presents for people who make me happy and my friend Eban certainly does. He is literally my best friend in the youtaite community. I mean we’ll only been friends for under a year , 8 months to be exact or close to that ahaha. I still remember the first time we talked through email it was fun! We are like the same person so of course something like this was bound to happen.

So I decided to do some good old 40mp , since my friend likes his music and I have always wanted to sing this song. There is something so very special about this song and I immediately fell in love with it. The english lyrics written by Lucy are always so poetic and really capture the essence of the songs so it was a pleasure to sing. Also this lyric arrangement made by Ashe (which he used in his own cover) was very interesting and it was fun to do though a bit tricky as well.

As far as singing goes I definitely don’t think its my best work. I was also rushing trying to get this done quickly , life was getting in the way as usual and I didn’t have much time to record or mix for this cover. I think I had a really strong main vocal line and it sounded great but the harmonies were pretty bad. They w ere a mess and all over the place which is why in the mix I tried to lower all the volumes and put effects on them to make them sound a bit better. It was a brave attempt but sadly I think ultimately will have to rerecord this cover and make it better.

I’m not sure what else to say except that my friend told me he got a bit teary eyed listening to this since no one has sung him anything before and I was his first friend in the community. Well anyways class is starting soon , have a great day guys and thanks for reading/listening.


How The West Made Manga (And Anime): A Sensationalist Headline

Short and sweet and very insightful , Nathans posts always teach me a lot


But a true one. The word manga was coined in the 1800’s by Katsushika Hokusai when he released his work Hokusai Manga, a 15 volume collection of his woodblock prints. (As a manga fan, it’s nice to know that an artist, not a company, invented the word.) Hokusai’s manga, however, had little in common with what we call manga today. Much of that came from outside Japan. Let’s take a look an the art form itself, to see how the world helped create the medium now considered distinctly Japanese.

Word Bubbles: English

It was only when Charles Wirgman, a British news corespondent and cartoonist, started his own publication in 1862 that Japanese manga started evolving into what it is today. Japan Punch was an English language Japanese political satire magazine distributed among the Brits living there. It used word bubbles in its political cartoons, which Japanese artists were…

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Confession Rehearsal English Dub

Back to update the blog! Finally , “Annami you should really update , your readers are waiting” is what I tell myself and thus henceforth that is why there is a new post right here. Anyways enough rambling on to the business at hand.

So I uploaded this before Valentines cause I had to work on valentines and go to school so I didn’t have enough time to post it that day. But I think it really fit the occasion.

Honeyworks are one of the most popular vocaloid producers around and for good reason. They create some incredibly cute and happy music with amazing pv’s aswell. So since there popularity is so huge over in japan there song series (like kagepro) ended up getting a light novel series so they made this little animation to accompany it and promote it. They got some big name voice actors to voice in it and held a contest for people to dub it and the winners would get there shown on tv as a commercial for the series.

So its originally in Japanese and I can’t speak Japanese so I decided why not do it in English which I can speak. I asked my friend Jeff to help me out and do the guys part. he sounds amazing since he’s trying to become a voice actor so it only makes sense he’d be good. I on the other hand am just some random amateur who did this for fun.

So I took the english subtitles and was going to make a transenglish script but the lines fit the video pretty well so i left them as is.

It was so awkward recording these lines cause I was basically talking to know one and I had to redo it or and or anything to to match the character mouth movements on screen. I made sure no one was home when I did this to be on the safe side. It was awkward that even when I was alone recording , I was like getting all flustered and nervous.

Timing this was literally the hardest thing. Especially cause Window movie maker wouldn’t let me get very exact for some reason and I guess I need more practice at voice dubbing. Or multiple screens to see the script and video easier. Thank god for the split screens function on windows 8! Very helpful.

Also I am so not girly and cute enough to sound like an anime character but I work with the voice I have LOL. This is actually a higher part of my voice since I usually talk deeper than this. That in and of itself was a challenge right there.

The video was so short so I added a bit of the original pv with me singing some english translyrics by Jubyphonic. They were such nice lyrics to sing.

Anyways please enjoy the short video and I want to try more voice acting it was awkward but fun! See you next time everyone!


Love is an Open Door Duet

Hi guys , I’m been busy with starting college and working , I haven’t had much time to record let alone update my blog but I’ll do my best to keep it up. Don’t worry I won’t disappear.

So my duet partner from the duet battle last year 4@4 randomly messaged me to sing with him again. At the time he sent me this song I actually hadn’t seen this movie but I had heard of it since everyone on my twitter wouldn’t stop talking about it or singing the songs.

So me and 4@4 sang the duet “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen which is is favourite song from the movie and its adorable. I really enjoyed the movie , it was another really good Disney movie and the amount of Broadway talent made me so happy. I have always hated the fact that Hollywood always casted actors who can’t sing in singing roles. there is a whole crop of musical theatre actors who can sing and act and I just think the quality of work would just be better if they used them. So thank you Disney!

Bobby and Kristen Lopez wrote the music for of my favourite musicals called Avenue Q so after hearing the music , I knew instantly why I instantly loved it!

I tried to use my msucial theatre acting to portray the character but I’m not sure if its perfect but I tried. 4@4 surprised with how well he fits this song and I really liked singing with him. I hope we work again in the future.

Anyways I will probably be uploading some more covers laters this week , so make sure you look out for them , mp3’s are always in the description except for this song , I will send it , if asked though.

Still trying to finish up some duets , mix some other covers and learn new songs but I am not full of time much these days but I hope you keep supporting me. Enjoy the cover guys.


The Reluctant Heroes Piano Version

Hello again Everyone. I have a special upload today.

I’m dedicating this cover to Anba chan , a very popular youtaite , who is extremely talented and a big inspiration to me. Not only is she an awesome singer but she’s a really funny and nice person. I’m glad she even bothered to talk to me , a complete newbie in the youtaite community.

So in thanks and celebration for her awesomeness , Happy Birthday Anba and I hope you like the cover. I sang my favourite Shingeki song from the ost complete with the engrish lyrics. I wanted to use the original instrumental but couldn’t find it so I just used this great piano one instead. Thanks for being you and I know this gift is early but enjoy.


The return of Annami’s shota trap voice LOL , I had a lot of fun singing this way and its fun to be my boy self Annomi. I loved this song as soon as I heard back at the end of episode 9 . Hiroyuki Sawano has always been my favourite anime composer so its a joy to sing some of his music. I might do a blue exorcist song if his one day.

I tried to make some good harmonies but that is one thing I’ll forever be learning , I guess.

So I have a bunch of duets I’m trying to learn and plan with other people (I never stop do I?) Some christmas cover presents to make , I have to start christmas shopping and I hope I don’t die from being overworked at my job , I’m doing a straight 61 hour week currently;A;.


Imagiantion Forest

So I finally reached and surpassed my goal of 150 subs on youtube. I am so happy and greatful. I honestly didn’t think I would ever get here and let alone in less than a year.

So I decided to sing a song I’ve been learning for a year now. It takes me forever to learn fast songs. Imagination forest by Jin is the first Kagerou project I ever heard and its one of my favourites. I am currently learning a whole bunch of other kagepro songs though. Songs with stories are always my favourites. I love the story going here and it has a nice ending too.

I tried my best to make interesting and flattering harmonies to accompany the main vocals. This song just fits my voice and range so well. Plus the high notes , I love doing them so much.

The mix I tried to balance out as much as possible and add just some little effects here and there. I am by no means a great mixer but I honestly am trying to get better.

I was inspired by Nero’s amazing acoustic version for the harmonies and one nico chorus of this song had a voice acting in it so I figured why not give it a shot in my own cover.

I literally made up some lines and googled translated them into Japanese I’m sorry if there not accurate. Also I am terrible voice actor. My girl , boy and momall sounded almost the same . Well it was an attempt so it wouldn’t be perfect.

Anyways thanks for listening , I have a lot of projects to record , learn , mix to keep me busy. I am getting so involved in the youtaite community and I’m loving it.

Just bought a drawing tablet recently so hopefully I have original art to go with my covers (though I have done that once already too) and I plan on making a cool video now that I can draw digitally.


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