For the First Time in Forever

Hi guys I am really bad at keeping up to date with stuff. I have been way too busy with school and work to have to update properly. I am very sorry but I’m currently on a bit of a break before semester 2. Yep going to be going to school all summer since I started my program in January. If I started in September I would have been done a full year of college already but welp whatever.

So here is another frozen song. Second favourite one after Let it Go of course but as many people told me they liked this cover best. I find this song fits my voice better anyways. I get to use the technique in singing called a “mix” a lot in this cover. A mix is a cross between head voice and chest. Its a lighter sound but its still strong like a belt but not as powerful. As for what head voice and chest voice and belting are that will be for another post LOL XD.

I had a lot of fun making this self duet. I am actually really enjoy making self duets. That makes me sound really lonely but its true. As much as I love collaborating I don’t have to worry about someone else getting me their half or keeping others waiting for my half as well. Its just me , myself and I meaning I can go at my own pace. Its also a challenge to see how far my voice can go. Its a good workout for how many voices/ how many facets of my voice I can use. For some reason I think its fun!

Can I just say 4@4 is an amazing mixer can he mix all my covers for me! I hope we together again , i love working with him.

This is was kind of tricky since for one line Anna stuffs some chocolate in her face so I decided I would do that to recreate it. I did some takes takes of this song stuffing cinnamon rolls and tea biscuits in my face. I had to sing this song and quickly grab the roll/biscuit shove it in my face quickly then pull it out quickly or swallow it very fast. Singing this wasn’t hard it was all the face stuffing.

These quirky happy songs fit me so well because its basically my personality in a nutshell. I’ve said this before but I really don’t have a princess type voice but I have grown to love my slightly boyish sounding voice its definitely unique to say the least.

I have some bloopers of me trying to record Anna’s part like I did with let it go. I get really weird when recording clearly.

I’ll update again soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you all check out my youtube channel where I tend to update better and all my covers are there.



Palette Redo : 1 Years Improvement

Wow how long has it been since I updated , it feels like its been forever but it probably hasn’t been that long LOL. Anyways I’ll be adding another post to this blog about being another cover , surprise surprise. One of these days I will post something else , on what I have no idea but it’ll happen!

So I have officially been a youtaite for a year now and as a celebration I thought it would be fun to redo the first song I ever covered!

I uploaded on Jan.12, 2013 a cover of rock vocaloid song called Palette. This song is originally sung by Luka Megurine and was composed by Yuyoyupee. I remember hearing the utaite Hanatan’s version and falling in love with her voice and the song instantly. I also a fan of the piano version made by the popular fandubber Amanda Lee on youtube. though Hanatan outshines her in vocal power , she outdoes me as well.
Needless to say , this was like the 3rd song I ever learned in Japanese and so learning this song and being able to hit the high notes was a big deal for me. Also it was first attempt at mixing something so it was my first step into the youtaite community.

By the way this song is so loud , its impossible to hit the high notes without power so you have to be loud.
I really also like the idea of this song , describing life through colours so to speak.

This is the old version.

The mix was so bad , the vocals were loud in places and the and the instrumental was too loud. The harmonies were okay but competed with the main vocal line in volume balance. The use of effects though was really good. My vocals were really weak as well. I had barely managed to hit the notes.

Listening to the new version , the vocals are so much more powerful and clear. My pronunication more crisp and clear. I have expanded my range a lot , I also think I have developed my tone a lot more. I’m getting more distinct in each cover. The harmonies were perfect in this. A good balance between low harmonies and high ones. It all flowed so nicely and the timing was on beat. As for the mix , you can definitely hear the improvement. The balance is so much better from the harmonies to the instrumental! Also that last high note , it blows me away that I had hit it with ease.

I really enjoy the combination of this half operatic sounding voice with epic rock music. Its an interesting combination.

Anyways if you want the mp3 mesage me and I will send it. I will definitely be back to update soon with another cover. As usual enjoy the singing , feel free to comment. Enjoy the rest of your day/night everyone.Write to you again soon!


Let It Go

Finally updating the blog again instead of doing my homework and also eating soup. Hahaha random but yeah now you know exactly what I’m doing^^

So after seeing Frozen this song stood out as the best in the entire movie.

Everyone in the youtaite community had been covering this song so I jumped on the bandwagon and followed suit.

Idina Menzel being the amazing beltress that she is , made this song so passionate but so difficult to emulate.
The song starts out so low and ends so high.

I originally began singing this quite lower and sounded quite boy like and i didn’t really like that because it didn’t quite fit the character so I started using a lighter , higher tone. With the lower tone I hit the low notes better and was able to achieve a bit more emotion but the transitions to high notes was really hard and sounded very unnatural.
Singing higher made the high notes easier and the transition better but my character/emotion sounded flat because I was focusing so hard keeping the character voice.

Needless to say , this song was so hard. I had done at least 50 takes for this , no kidding. For some reason some parts would perfect in a take but the rest would not be so good.

Eventually I had sung this song enough I found a happy medium between the high and low and managed ti get some decent takes. I am also very sure no one in my house wants to hear me sing this song ever again.

So my friend 4@4 mixed this for as a favour I had asked of him. He did a great job making this sound so professional and I’m sure his ears died from listening to me belt so much.

I just want to point that for someone who doesn’t really know to belt , I did a pretty good job. All that time spent listening to Broadway music finally paid off XD

As far as acting goes , I tried to picture myself in Elsa’s (the character who sings this song) shoes. In a way I sort of understand this song this song as well. I can relate to it on a certain level. I mean we all have insecurities and this motivates you to open up and “let it go”.

Also I rewatched the sequence for this song so many times , because the animation is so pretty!

Hearing myself singing these songs just reminds me of how much I do not have a classically pretty princess type of singing voice. I tend to sound tomboyish and I like my voice it makes me unique but it also makes me wonder what would my covers sound like if i had a different tone.

So enough rambling , enjoy the song , I will keep making stuff and letting you guys hear it , I got some really good stuff coming and I hope you like it! Also I’m almost at 2oo subs on youtube what should I do to make it special?

Oh yeah and singing this song so much made me a little crazy so this happened.


Knot or Not

Sorry its been awhile since I last updated. Life is just keeps getting in the way. But I am trying to keep up with this blog , recording covers , doing my homework and working all the time.
I really need a new job by the way since they aren’t giving me the hours I requested. i said just give me weekends and yet I’m still working there days a week and its totaling 22 hours a week. I think I’m gonna fall over soon.

But anyways this cover I made a long time ago and never got around to mixing it till now.
I had originally asked someone to duet this with me but they never gave me a script nor practiced it. We kinda stopped talking as well. I’d still be willing to do it with them if they messaged me but I was kinda let down by them. I know they are busy but why’d you agree to do it , if you weren’t gonna go through it….

This song is so pretty. Its written by an english vocaloid producer named Aki Glancy. She goes by the name EmpathP. She uses English Miku so well. But yeah she is American and was the character designer for the English vocaloid Avanna. She is an amazing artist and musician. not only does she compose but she writes beautiful lyrics as well.

I literally fell in love with this song. Its so sad but so pretty. I also like how simple it is. I added some harmonies to it aswell. The instrumental just worked so well with the the 3 part harmony. My favourite part is the harmony at the end. It just sounds so full and balanced. Its also gives the song a nice climax as well.

I really enjoyed covering this and it fit my voice so well and utilized a lot of different parts of my voice.

Also this was my audition for a chorus. I was asked by the very nice Maria Lee to audition. The requirement was to sing a song in english and Japanese but this song has both so it was perfect and since I had it recorded already i thought why not.

I’m not sure if i’m in the chorus but I’ll update as soon as I know and I’ll post again later this week , with another cover since I have another to write about. Until then enjoy the cover!


Love is an Open Door Duet

Hi guys , I’m been busy with starting college and working , I haven’t had much time to record let alone update my blog but I’ll do my best to keep it up. Don’t worry I won’t disappear.

So my duet partner from the duet battle last year 4@4 randomly messaged me to sing with him again. At the time he sent me this song I actually hadn’t seen this movie but I had heard of it since everyone on my twitter wouldn’t stop talking about it or singing the songs.

So me and 4@4 sang the duet “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen which is is favourite song from the movie and its adorable. I really enjoyed the movie , it was another really good Disney movie and the amount of Broadway talent made me so happy. I have always hated the fact that Hollywood always casted actors who can’t sing in singing roles. there is a whole crop of musical theatre actors who can sing and act and I just think the quality of work would just be better if they used them. So thank you Disney!

Bobby and Kristen Lopez wrote the music for of my favourite musicals called Avenue Q so after hearing the music , I knew instantly why I instantly loved it!

I tried to use my msucial theatre acting to portray the character but I’m not sure if its perfect but I tried. 4@4 surprised with how well he fits this song and I really liked singing with him. I hope we work again in the future.

Anyways I will probably be uploading some more covers laters this week , so make sure you look out for them , mp3’s are always in the description except for this song , I will send it , if asked though.

Still trying to finish up some duets , mix some other covers and learn new songs but I am not full of time much these days but I hope you keep supporting me. Enjoy the cover guys.


Deadline Circus Trio

Hello , Happy New Years Eve , I still another two posts to put up on here but I’ll wait a bit before doing them because I’m lazy and I have to work soon.

I was asked by two fellow youtaites to particiapte in a trio for Halloween. Though this didn’t get finished till after Halloween anyways hahaha.

We did Deadline Circus by Last Note. I actually have only heard a couple of Last Note songs but she makes really great fast and energetic songs , so this fun to do. Though it was a challenge. I got to do Len’s part which was fun. Yay for my male voice!

So I actually forgot about practicing this cause of real life stuff and when I asked to do this , it was months in advance, ooopps XD. So by the time came for me to record , I was getting sick and I had to learn this song in 3 days cause we wanted to get done by Halloween. So my part is a little rough in some places.

But yeah this was a fun to do and I really enjoyed working with these two lovely ladies , oh and duets/collaborations are my favourite things to do as a youtaite and I have a lot planned so stay tuned. Oh I have a lot of english covers coming up so look forward to that as well.

Enjoy the cover.


Aishiteru no Uta

Okay third time writing this description – ahh It wouldn’t save ughhh , technology problems.

So i took part in the Youtaite secret Santa.

A little background on the secret santa thing. Its like a normal secret santa except its online and involves singers and artists.
Everyone who participated had to sign up on a google doc , giving their youtube channel and twitter (so we can send present links). You had to write a short description of what song you’d like to have covered or what picture you’d like drawn. Since some people draw and don’t sing in the community.

I received my gift/cover already and it was awesome! Jayel chan sang one of my favourite kagerou project songs.

So I got Starlight kun as my recipient. He is spanish i believe , not sure , never actually spoken to him. Anyways he has a lovely voice. So we basically have the same taste in music. He asked for acoustic so i chose this. I was going to do “longing” by keeno , cause he loves keeno but this song was just stuck in my head.

This is the 2nd umetora song I ever heard and honestly it made me like Umetora. Since I wasn’t too fond of his techno elctro style songs. But his acoustic more sentimental works. Oh by the way this song translates to “Song of I love you” in english and how cute and great is that.

So I have been really busy with work lately. Its amazing that I managed to get this done and do christmas shopping. So happy Christmas eve and I have another post but I’ll save it for later or maybe tomorrow.

Mp3 in the video descripotion on youtube , enjoy everyone.


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