Hello my blog readers. It has been another long time since I updated. I feel like I disappoint you all when I say I am going to post more often but don’t. I am very sorry but you know when life gets busy you do what you have to do and some things like a blog get put on hold.

But on to more pressing matters! This week’s post I am writing to you from a cafe , since I just finished my class for today. Busy Busy i tell you!

So the cover I am writing about is called Starduster. Its one of JimmythumbP’s most beautiful sogngs and yes its vocaloid.^^ You expected no less I know. I seriously love JimmythumbP’s music. He has such an intersting and almost surreal feel to a lot of his music. Quite dream like. The song itself is about loving someone even if your far away in space or so I gather ahahahaha.

This is one of my all time favourite songs so when i finally decided to cover it I was extremely happy. I first heard this song at a vocaloid movie screening I went to at a con last year. All we did was watch a dvd of taped concert from japanbut it was worth seeing miku on a giant screen with a bunch of other vocaloid fans out there.

There is another story associated with this song for me and that at school during lunch one day last semester my friend was like “have you heard the song starduster?”. I immediately replied yes and bam on the weekend I decided to do this cover. I had been practicing this song forever but never actually got around to


Palette Redo : 1 Years Improvement

Wow how long has it been since I updated , it feels like its been forever but it probably hasn’t been that long LOL. Anyways I’ll be adding another post to this blog about being another cover , surprise surprise. One of these days I will post something else , on what I have no idea but it’ll happen!

So I have officially been a youtaite for a year now and as a celebration I thought it would be fun to redo the first song I ever covered!

I uploaded on Jan.12, 2013 a cover of rock vocaloid song called Palette. This song is originally sung by Luka Megurine and was composed by Yuyoyupee. I remember hearing the utaite Hanatan’s version and falling in love with her voice and the song instantly. I also a fan of the piano version made by the popular fandubber Amanda Lee on youtube. though Hanatan outshines her in vocal power , she outdoes me as well.
Needless to say , this was like the 3rd song I ever learned in Japanese and so learning this song and being able to hit the high notes was a big deal for me. Also it was first attempt at mixing something so it was my first step into the youtaite community.

By the way this song is so loud , its impossible to hit the high notes without power so you have to be loud.
I really also like the idea of this song , describing life through colours so to speak.

This is the old version.

The mix was so bad , the vocals were loud in places and the and the instrumental was too loud. The harmonies were okay but competed with the main vocal line in volume balance. The use of effects though was really good. My vocals were really weak as well. I had barely managed to hit the notes.

Listening to the new version , the vocals are so much more powerful and clear. My pronunication more crisp and clear. I have expanded my range a lot , I also think I have developed my tone a lot more. I’m getting more distinct in each cover. The harmonies were perfect in this. A good balance between low harmonies and high ones. It all flowed so nicely and the timing was on beat. As for the mix , you can definitely hear the improvement. The balance is so much better from the harmonies to the instrumental! Also that last high note , it blows me away that I had hit it with ease.

I really enjoy the combination of this half operatic sounding voice with epic rock music. Its an interesting combination.

Anyways if you want the mp3 mesage me and I will send it. I will definitely be back to update soon with another cover. As usual enjoy the singing , feel free to comment. Enjoy the rest of your day/night everyone.Write to you again soon!


Let It Go

Finally updating the blog again instead of doing my homework and also eating soup. Hahaha random but yeah now you know exactly what I’m doing^^

So after seeing Frozen this song stood out as the best in the entire movie.

Everyone in the youtaite community had been covering this song so I jumped on the bandwagon and followed suit.

Idina Menzel being the amazing beltress that she is , made this song so passionate but so difficult to emulate.
The song starts out so low and ends so high.

I originally began singing this quite lower and sounded quite boy like and i didn’t really like that because it didn’t quite fit the character so I started using a lighter , higher tone. With the lower tone I hit the low notes better and was able to achieve a bit more emotion but the transitions to high notes was really hard and sounded very unnatural.
Singing higher made the high notes easier and the transition better but my character/emotion sounded flat because I was focusing so hard keeping the character voice.

Needless to say , this song was so hard. I had done at least 50 takes for this , no kidding. For some reason some parts would perfect in a take but the rest would not be so good.

Eventually I had sung this song enough I found a happy medium between the high and low and managed ti get some decent takes. I am also very sure no one in my house wants to hear me sing this song ever again.

So my friend 4@4 mixed this for as a favour I had asked of him. He did a great job making this sound so professional and I’m sure his ears died from listening to me belt so much.

I just want to point that for someone who doesn’t really know to belt , I did a pretty good job. All that time spent listening to Broadway music finally paid off XD

As far as acting goes , I tried to picture myself in Elsa’s (the character who sings this song) shoes. In a way I sort of understand this song this song as well. I can relate to it on a certain level. I mean we all have insecurities and this motivates you to open up and “let it go”.

Also I rewatched the sequence for this song so many times , because the animation is so pretty!

Hearing myself singing these songs just reminds me of how much I do not have a classically pretty princess type of singing voice. I tend to sound tomboyish and I like my voice it makes me unique but it also makes me wonder what would my covers sound like if i had a different tone.

So enough rambling , enjoy the song , I will keep making stuff and letting you guys hear it , I got some really good stuff coming and I hope you like it! Also I’m almost at 2oo subs on youtube what should I do to make it special?

Oh yeah and singing this song so much made me a little crazy so this happened.


Imagiantion Forest

So I finally reached and surpassed my goal of 150 subs on youtube. I am so happy and greatful. I honestly didn’t think I would ever get here and let alone in less than a year.

So I decided to sing a song I’ve been learning for a year now. It takes me forever to learn fast songs. Imagination forest by Jin is the first Kagerou project I ever heard and its one of my favourites. I am currently learning a whole bunch of other kagepro songs though. Songs with stories are always my favourites. I love the story going here and it has a nice ending too.

I tried my best to make interesting and flattering harmonies to accompany the main vocals. This song just fits my voice and range so well. Plus the high notes , I love doing them so much.

The mix I tried to balance out as much as possible and add just some little effects here and there. I am by no means a great mixer but I honestly am trying to get better.

I was inspired by Nero’s amazing acoustic version for the harmonies and one nico chorus of this song had a voice acting in it so I figured why not give it a shot in my own cover.

I literally made up some lines and googled translated them into Japanese I’m sorry if there not accurate. Also I am terrible voice actor. My girl , boy and momall sounded almost the same . Well it was an attempt so it wouldn’t be perfect.

Anyways thanks for listening , I have a lot of projects to record , learn , mix to keep me busy. I am getting so involved in the youtaite community and I’m loving it.

Just bought a drawing tablet recently so hopefully I have original art to go with my covers (though I have done that once already too) and I plan on making a cool video now that I can draw digitally.


Practically Perfect

So I got bugged again by my friends to sing some musical theatre stuff. But instead of Broadway I decided to do some West End music. The West End is the London equivalent to Broadway.

So chose to do a song from the musical version of Mary Poppins. I prefer the show over the movie. The musical kept all the songs from the movie and added new ones. The composers of the new songs were none other than the Sherman brothers who composed for the movie. So the songs sound great and fit in well with the original songs from the movie.

The musical plot is based off the original Australian Mary Poppins books by PL Travers so it flows better and isn’t so random.

I sung the trio from act 1. the song is when Jane and Michael Banks meet Mary for the first time and she tells them all about how wonderful she is.

Yeah so basically I sung a self trio with British accents. I’m crazy I know. I do a terrible English accent. But it was fun to try and attempt. Also My Jane and Michael sound kind of similar , I tried though. Plus I had to record each part separately , so I was trying to match each part I had sung previously and it was hard to try and be exact plus harmonize at the same time. I apologize for that awful harmony at the end.

This is one of my favourite cast recordings to clean too and this song in particular is my sweeping song. LOL I am really weird.

As for mixing , Broadway style songs are so hard because its all about getting the balance right and you can’t put too many cool effects in because it detracts the performance of the song.

Anyways that’s all I have to say for now , I hope you enjoy and see you all soon with more cool covers etc



Newest cover. This is my audition for a youtube chorus.

This is now my 3rd Yuyopyuppe cover. I just love his music. This is true vocarock. He also uses Luka so well. I love how his songs have so much emotion in them and the high notes. You know how much I love singing high notes^^

Anyways its been so long since I last sung a Luka song. I really missed singing anything by her. Hopefully I’ll have more soon.

So the mix in this is so so. I’m too lazy to fix it because I’m so tired LOL. My new job has me working almost everyday and long 8 hour shifts. I literally fell asleep in my computer chair while mixing this.

I recorded the vocals for this awhile ago. My senpai asked me to duet this song with him. So I just added in extra harmonies and that crazy high note at the end. Speaking of which I can’t believe I even attempted that….

Anyways I hope you enjoy the cover. I’ll more interesting stuff to come and lets hope I don’t fall over from working too hard.


World Domination How To Duet

Hi guys! I’m back with another duet. This time with my fellow youtaite Aelynn. She lives in the Czech Republic and I live in Canada , so we had a 6 hour time difference so it was very hard to try and communicate and plan this song.

This song was funny because I got sick when I wanted to record my part. But it kind of worked out in the end because I got to learn the lyrics better. When I got better I recorded my half and sent it to Aelynn but she got sick. So in this recording she was actually very sick so I did my best in the mix to hide that fact.

This is my first time singing a Kagamine twins song. Also the first time I sang as Rin. Its also the first Neru song I’ve ever sang as well. His music is so fast and high but its fun to learn and sing.

Anyone have interpretations on what this song is about? Aelynn gave me a nice one but I’d like to hear your thoughts on this song.

This song was hard to mix because the volumes were hard to make equal. Because certain parts get really loud. But I managed to make it work. Also I found ways to improve Aelynn vocals without changing anything with pitch correction or anything. Since her high notes weren’t as good (stupid sickness) I changed which channels things went into.

The timing and pronunciation is a little of because this song was really hard for me. I am continuing to work hard though!

I don’t have much to say this time around but enjoy this duet and look forward to more stuff! By the Happy Thanksgiving if your in Canada like me , yay for Turkey Day!