Hello my blog readers. It has been another long time since I updated. I feel like I disappoint you all when I say I am going to post more often but don’t. I am very sorry but you know when life gets busy you do what you have to do and some things like a blog get put on hold.

But on to more pressing matters! This week’s post I am writing to you from a cafe , since I just finished my class for today. Busy Busy i tell you!

So the cover I am writing about is called Starduster. Its one of JimmythumbP’s most beautiful sogngs and yes its vocaloid.^^ You expected no less I know. I seriously love JimmythumbP’s music. He has such an intersting and almost surreal feel to a lot of his music. Quite dream like. The song itself is about loving someone even if your far away in space or so I gather ahahahaha.

This is one of my all time favourite songs so when i finally decided to cover it I was extremely happy. I first heard this song at a vocaloid movie screening I went to at a con last year. All we did was watch a dvd of taped concert from japanbut it was worth seeing miku on a giant screen with a bunch of other vocaloid fans out there.

There is another story associated with this song for me and that at school during lunch one day last semester my friend was like “have you heard the song starduster?”. I immediately replied yes and bam on the weekend I decided to do this cover. I had been practicing this song forever but never actually got around to


Imagiantion Forest

So I finally reached and surpassed my goal of 150 subs on youtube. I am so happy and greatful. I honestly didn’t think I would ever get here and let alone in less than a year.

So I decided to sing a song I’ve been learning for a year now. It takes me forever to learn fast songs. Imagination forest by Jin is the first Kagerou project I ever heard and its one of my favourites. I am currently learning a whole bunch of other kagepro songs though. Songs with stories are always my favourites. I love the story going here and it has a nice ending too.

I tried my best to make interesting and flattering harmonies to accompany the main vocals. This song just fits my voice and range so well. Plus the high notes , I love doing them so much.

The mix I tried to balance out as much as possible and add just some little effects here and there. I am by no means a great mixer but I honestly am trying to get better.

I was inspired by Nero’s amazing acoustic version for the harmonies and one nico chorus of this song had a voice acting in it so I figured why not give it a shot in my own cover.

I literally made up some lines and googled translated them into Japanese I’m sorry if there not accurate. Also I am terrible voice actor. My girl , boy and momall sounded almost the same . Well it was an attempt so it wouldn’t be perfect.

Anyways thanks for listening , I have a lot of projects to record , learn , mix to keep me busy. I am getting so involved in the youtaite community and I’m loving it.

Just bought a drawing tablet recently so hopefully I have original art to go with my covers (though I have done that once already too) and I plan on making a cool video now that I can draw digitally.


Hoshi no Uta English Acoustic Arrangement

I told you I’d be back with another cover and here it is!

I covered the lovely BuzzG song Hoshi no Uta (Song of Stars). I really love his works and he’s a talented vocaloid producer. This is my second cover of his. My first being my Shiwa duet. This song is so pretty and poetic.

I used a fellow youtaite Jefferz’s translyrics. He has a lovely voice and he always writes fantastic lyrics but for some reason these particular ones really spoke to me. A link to his channel are in the description in the youtube video.

This was such an easy song for me to sing. I don’t often use my soft , light , airy voice in covers so using it this time around was a refreshing change. As for harmonies they still weren’t perfect but I’m ever slowly getting better. I put quite a few of them in this song and it was fun trying out a million things to get it sounding this way. Also a departure from usual is I don’t have my usual high harmonies just a bunch of low ones. It was would have been crazy to add high harmonies since the main vocal line was pretty high already.

I remember I first heard this song through a ShounenT cover and as some of you may know , ShounenT is all about acoustic so I’ve only ever known this song as being acoustic. Though I’ve heard the original and I like it too! Jefferzkm acoustic track he used was so pretty that I managed to find it and use it. This is now my second cover that is acoustic , the first being Beautiful World.

As for mixing I have improved so much since my first cover. I really understand a lot of the effects now and though I’m nowhere near the level of being professional its nice listening to my covers and hearing how professional they sound. I do have to give props to adobe audition for being such a good program and audacity in helping me understand mixing.

Well that’s all for now , I hope you enjoy this and feel relaxed and as stated many times mp3s in the description. I have a million duets in the works so look out for them.