Hello my blog readers. It has been another long time since I updated. I feel like I disappoint you all when I say I am going to post more often but don’t. I am very sorry but you know when life gets busy you do what you have to do and some things like a blog get put on hold.

But on to more pressing matters! This week’s post I am writing to you from a cafe , since I just finished my class for today. Busy Busy i tell you!

So the cover I am writing about is called Starduster. Its one of JimmythumbP’s most beautiful sogngs and yes its vocaloid.^^ You expected no less I know. I seriously love JimmythumbP’s music. He has such an intersting and almost surreal feel to a lot of his music. Quite dream like. The song itself is about loving someone even if your far away in space or so I gather ahahahaha.

This is one of my all time favourite songs so when i finally decided to cover it I was extremely happy. I first heard this song at a vocaloid movie screening I went to at a con last year. All we did was watch a dvd of taped concert from japanbut it was worth seeing miku on a giant screen with a bunch of other vocaloid fans out there.

There is another story associated with this song for me and that at school during lunch one day last semester my friend was like “have you heard the song starduster?”. I immediately replied yes and bam on the weekend I decided to do this cover. I had been practicing this song forever but never actually got around to


Little Traveler English/Japanese/French Cover

Annami is alive minna! So I finally got around to finally covering another OneRoom s!ong

By the way headphones give the best quality.

This time I have sung Little Traveler , a really pretty song inspired by a French novel The Little Prince.
I love JimmythumbP’s music and I was so happy to be singing his music again. I have more covers to make of his songs so stay tuned.

So I kept going back and forth between singing this song in Japanese or English so I kind of combined the two. Yeah was that a good idea I don’t know but I think it turned out pretty good in the end. Ham wrote some really pretty lyrics so go check her out.

So the speaking bits in the song were actually those lines of text in the video and I did them all in French rather than in English or Japanese since its based off the French novel and everything. My French is so bad since this is the first time I had spoken French in 5 years. Plus that 9 years of French I took in school , didn’t make me learn very much hahaha.

I literally had to play the video , pause it , type each line into google translate and copy and paste into a document , it took so long LOL and there were so many of them , I think O probably did at least 30 lines for this song. , I jumbled them all together to kind of give it a montage feel.

The mixing took forever to get it too my liking but I’m satisfied with the end result.
I spend so long getting the harmonies balanced and oh god I went effect crazy on the speaking parts and I like 6 different blocks of dialogue to work with in this song , it took forever to do.

Oh by the way was synching up the video with my cover and the video is actually the pv for Clear’s version and we actually sounded nice together, it’d be cool if we could sing together one day but that’s next to impossible to happen. A girl can dream though right XD

So the Q & A video will be coming soon , umm I have another duet planned , a winter cover to make , still working on those chorus auditions and a fandub audition to still work on and a secret santa cover to be done. Youtaiteness (is that even a word LOL?) is keeping me busy ;P

I was thinking about working two jobs but I have scratched that idea , dying enough as it is already. I hope you will all continue to stay with me on this singing journey. Enjoy the cover and follow me on twitter too guys , I like talking to everyone its fun.

I have a few more blog posts to make in the next couple of days , look out for them and thanks for reading