Hello my blog readers. It has been another long time since I updated. I feel like I disappoint you all when I say I am going to post more often but don’t. I am very sorry but you know when life gets busy you do what you have to do and some things like a blog get put on hold.

But on to more pressing matters! This week’s post I am writing to you from a cafe , since I just finished my class for today. Busy Busy i tell you!

So the cover I am writing about is called Starduster. Its one of JimmythumbP’s most beautiful sogngs and yes its vocaloid.^^ You expected no less I know. I seriously love JimmythumbP’s music. He has such an intersting and almost surreal feel to a lot of his music. Quite dream like. The song itself is about loving someone even if your far away in space or so I gather ahahahaha.

This is one of my all time favourite songs so when i finally decided to cover it I was extremely happy. I first heard this song at a vocaloid movie screening I went to at a con last year. All we did was watch a dvd of taped concert from japanbut it was worth seeing miku on a giant screen with a bunch of other vocaloid fans out there.

There is another story associated with this song for me and that at school during lunch one day last semester my friend was like “have you heard the song starduster?”. I immediately replied yes and bam on the weekend I decided to do this cover. I had been practicing this song forever but never actually got around to


Aishiteru no Uta

Okay third time writing this description – ahh It wouldn’t save ughhh , technology problems.

So i took part in the Youtaite secret Santa.

A little background on the secret santa thing. Its like a normal secret santa except its online and involves singers and artists.
Everyone who participated had to sign up on a google doc , giving their youtube channel and twitter (so we can send present links). You had to write a short description of what song you’d like to have covered or what picture you’d like drawn. Since some people draw and don’t sing in the community.

I received my gift/cover already and it was awesome! Jayel chan sang one of my favourite kagerou project songs.

So I got Starlight kun as my recipient. He is spanish i believe , not sure , never actually spoken to him. Anyways he has a lovely voice. So we basically have the same taste in music. He asked for acoustic so i chose this. I was going to do “longing” by keeno , cause he loves keeno but this song was just stuck in my head.

This is the 2nd umetora song I ever heard and honestly it made me like Umetora. Since I wasn’t too fond of his techno elctro style songs. But his acoustic more sentimental works. Oh by the way this song translates to “Song of I love you” in english and how cute and great is that.

So I have been really busy with work lately. Its amazing that I managed to get this done and do christmas shopping. So happy Christmas eve and I have another post but I’ll save it for later or maybe tomorrow.

Mp3 in the video descripotion on youtube , enjoy everyone.


Utsukushiki Zankou Na Sekai Duet Version

So I mixed my cover of Utsukushiki Zankou Na Sekai with Kal’s amazing version.

I literally just edited them together , if it sounds a bit off its because I’m not still not that good at mixing duets but I’m working on it.

Kal was nice enough to let me use his cover and I pronounced some of the words differently and held notes differently than he did and I was too lazy to record so yeah.

This was really fun to make and my goodness Kal’s high notes are so fabulous!

I don’t have much to say this time around actually. I miss watching Shingeki every week , hopefully we’ll get season 2 soon , it ended on a cliff hanger!!!!

I’m trying to learn five million new songs and mix five million others. I’ve got two drawings to finish and 3 songs to cover for chorus auditions and I have a special video I have to edit and A birthday cover for a friend of mine to mix. Plus working and reapplying to school. I am so busy suddenly , when will I find time for everything and not be so tired anymore?!

Anyways enjoy and thanks for listening , I’ll be posting again really soon 😉


Green Straight Duet

Its time for a Gumi cover! This is my 3rd duet with my Senpai. He is so nice and our voices go really well together. I thank him for suggesting this song. I wouldn’t have known it without him.

RaibuP makes some seriously nice songs. I really enjoyed learning and singing this relaxed kind of song.

I had this mixed and recorded a long time ago , I just never uploaded it cause I busy and or lazy.

But its up now!

Miixing this song was a joy , it was so simple and the subtle effects I did add , really enhanced the song. Please use headphones it improves all listening experiences of my covers.

I don’t have a lot to say so this post actually and I’m half dead , from work and my cold medication.

I have a lot of songs I want to finish covering , working on more duets and fandub/chorus stuff. All this while my work leaves me dead tired everyday. This week I’ll have worked 51 hours wooo!

I’ll keep working to get it done and thanks for the support guys , I really enjoy this hobby and I’m glad you are joining me for the ride.


Moon and Balloons

My first cover of a Gumi song. Its my favourite Gumi song, made by the talented Acane Madder!

I first found this song through a youtaite and her cover is absolutely beautiful miles better than mine. She is a better mixer and has such a pretty voice. I stole her harmonies aswell. Link to her cover

But anyways this song gave me hardest time trying to find the instrumentals and lyrics.
I had to use a romaji converter to translate the kanji lyrics I found. I spent a good 3 hours scouring the web before using the converter.

This song was fairly easy to learn , no crazy high notes or low ones and the lyrics were minimal and easy to pronounce so it was a win win situation. Plus the pv is beautiful!

The mix itself I tried improving. The cover went from being too loud to a now more mangeable volume but I think it have been a tad too quiet still. But hey each cover is a new learning experience.

Well as always enjoy!