Till The Day I Can See You Again

So I covered my first Kaoling ever and this my second Gumi cover I believe.

Wow this song was so difficult. I have literally been learning it for months now. Its been a long time and I actually wanted to have it done earlier but I kind of forgot about it. Oops XD

I love kaoling songs because they always have a Celtic/folk song type feel to them. It makes them unique and fun but a challenge to learn. This song had some made up words in it too! I haven’t sung in a made up language since I did “Aimo Aimo”.

I think my voice isn’t really suited to these types of songs but I thought why not challenge myself and change it up. Also I have improved in harmonizing but not at the level yet for this cover to be amazing!

So as for mixing and recording this cover took a long time for me to do. I spent something like 6 hours on it. Not all once though. Don’t freak out I didn’t die! I spent like 3 hours recording and recording vocals. This song is fast (at least to me anyways) and I kept messing up. This is one of the few covers where I didn’t get the main vocal line in one take. I did a lot of cutting and pasting to get better pronunciations. Plus I always come up with harmonies/adlibs etc on the spot so that always makes recording take a while.

The mix I went crazy. I mixed every section of the song differently. I did little piece by little piece. I had a ton of effects on the vocals but I ended taking a lot of them off because I think simplicity in this songs case was better.

Anyways I have a ton of other cool things I want to try that aren’t cover related. But it might me some time to make them but in the meantime I will keep making covers and look forward to more duets.

See you all again! The title of this song fits so well with the ending of this post LOL



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