Aishiteru no Uta

Okay third time writing this description – ahh It wouldn’t save ughhh , technology problems.

So i took part in the Youtaite secret Santa.

A little background on the secret santa thing. Its like a normal secret santa except its online and involves singers and artists.
Everyone who participated had to sign up on a google doc , giving their youtube channel and twitter (so we can send present links). You had to write a short description of what song you’d like to have covered or what picture you’d like drawn. Since some people draw and don’t sing in the community.

I received my gift/cover already and it was awesome! Jayel chan sang one of my favourite kagerou project songs.

So I got Starlight kun as my recipient. He is spanish i believe , not sure , never actually spoken to him. Anyways he has a lovely voice. So we basically have the same taste in music. He asked for acoustic so i chose this. I was going to do “longing” by keeno , cause he loves keeno but this song was just stuck in my head.

This is the 2nd umetora song I ever heard and honestly it made me like Umetora. Since I wasn’t too fond of his techno elctro style songs. But his acoustic more sentimental works. Oh by the way this song translates to “Song of I love you” in english and how cute and great is that.

So I have been really busy with work lately. Its amazing that I managed to get this done and do christmas shopping. So happy Christmas eve and I have another post but I’ll save it for later or maybe tomorrow.

Mp3 in the video descripotion on youtube , enjoy everyone.



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